Roleplay Servers?

So i was wondering if there are any RolePlay servers? Been looking at the server list a few times but never encountered it.

I’m not sure if people want this to be honest, but i think it could be pretty fun.

Town hall

The server would be devided by 2 towns, in there you’ll find a town hall and houses ofcourse.

Rich = big houses
Poor = shacks

People can have certain roles in the town, like being a butcher, a stone collector or a wood collector. Or a cloth maker, weapon smith and stuff like that.

You’ll have to trade your goods with other people to survive… But you can also steal it ! That’s up to you.

However… when people find out you’re a thief you will be punished by the whole town. (Just assuming that not everyone is a thief)

I’m not sure if this is getting boring super quick or not, but perhaps it’s worth a shot?

All army guns should be disabled though.

There could also be some kind of police walking around.

If you really want to go bananas you could ask the community to pay taxes (resources) in order to stay in your village.

Please give some feedback, if this already has been mentioned or no one gives a fuck about it i’ll simply try to get this thread removed.

Have a nice day.

I gonna become outsider only because of this))))

Boy, do I have the game for you

It’s not the same, i really think it’s fun with the Rust mechanics. Besides there is so much you can do.
And you don’t have to do alot yourself, because the server owner only has to edit some loot tables.

You can come try out our server. Its a pve server with pve safe zone. the players that live in the safe zones refer to it as towns and they have established hotels and banks systems for item storage. Might be up you alley.

NakedRustys/PVP/PVE safe zones

I might give it a shot later on.

Great server ! NOT…

I did /spawn and couldn’t get out because some fucktard just build their metal house in it.

Couldn’t do suicide either.


Wow, i dreamed already something about this, playing like a middleearth roleplay in Rust, just building wooden forts and living in there with some people and classes - only with meele weapons and bows (grenades -> they had bombs too!)
But my english would be to bad to be a good roleplayer :[ Maybe if there would be a german roleplay community, I would join immediately!

We tried implementing this a few days ago, went pretty well.
Our clan acted as the security personel & just recently we confiscated some “contraband” consisting of C4 & a supply signal.

You would need a form of group though to organize it in the beginning, otherwise people would just turn on another.

True, i’d really like to see some kind of server like this hehe.

Looks like no one can be bothered :frowning: