Roleplay Term Dictionary

This, Is a quick, correct, dictionary on roleplaying terms.

**“NLR” = New life rule

(New life rule is often ridiculous and makes no sense. How people define it is ‘You forgot everything after death’ In my personal opinion i think that is stupid and would take a load of power to make people do that correctly and definitely not new roleplayers. To me, I always think of it as… Don’t go back and kill the guy who killed you. Simple, easy, makes more sense and obviously you wouldn’t speak of death ICly so it works nicely.)


(Metagaming is using Out-of-character information to enhance something In-character, for example if I’m on ventrilo and someone says ‘Lets go steal schu’s car on that street by the market’ Ok, I heard it, Lets go get them! No. In-character you have no idea that is going to happen. Now, I think that is plain stupid. How can you sit there knowing someone is stealing your stuff and a rule is stopping you? that’s why on my servers i consider Metagaming ALSO using In-character information Out-of-character. Basicly, The guys who said that in vent would get in trouble, if they said it in vent, there fault, You can go and get them. Also if you are caught using any 3rd party communication to metagame, you should get permanently character killed.)

“Power Gaming”

(Power gaming is forcing an action upon another character without giving them a chance to return the roleplay, for example you can’t go up to someone and say “/me sticks there fingers in both eye sockets rips them out and kills them.” they can’t return a roleplay, or try to stop them from doing this, therefore it is power gaming. Basically all you have to do to fix this is add “attempts” before your action. Basically like this “/me attempts sticks there fingers in both eye sockets rips them out and kills them”. That way they can return the roleplay with something like “/me grabs there hands and pushes them away”. Now that return roleplay may seem like power gaming, Although you are doing what i call “Defensive Roleplay” This roleplay is defending your character and can be used to instantly power force there move, although you can’t do an attack in the same statement)


(playing a in-character role in which develops a character used to re-enact real situations)


More will be added i just got bored.