Roleplay Themed Police Vehicles

I’ve been working on police car skins for my Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas themed roleplay map. I think they’re coming around nicely.

I believe only having one police force is too overwhelming, by balancing different duties among the different branches; their objectives will be more attainable.

The map is based and scaled off of the town of Blueberry.

What do you guys think?

Blueberry Police Department[/thumb]

The baseline police force, any player with a clean sheet may become a police officer. They are in charge of public 911 calls, traffic stops (Speeding, wreckless driving etc.), and lesser criminal acts.

Bone County Sheriff’s Department

An audition only group of the police, they hold a higher level of jurisdiction than the regular police dept. They are in charge of public and domestic 911 calls, search warrants, swat raids, and crowd control.

AR-P Rule Enforcement

Probably the white elephant of the group (Depending on your interpretation.) I find that the usual flying “administrators” disturb roleplay.

In order to counter this; I believe server moderators should try to fit into the roleplay by being their own branch of the police.

They work exclusively to keep server order in the most non-disruptive way possible. If a moderator finds a player breaking rules, or being a doucher; they may pull over/detain that player. Said player must pull over/stop and speak to the moderator.

Server moderators do not however; interfere with extreme cases (Sheriff’s Dept. Raid etc.)