I am working on creating a game mode centered around four different factions who periodically wage war on opposing factions for their own benefit and gains towards their team. The name has not been decided upon yet mainly because this just got out of the idea phase and is starting to be put together. Each of the four factions will have five specific jobs each which contribute to their faction in their own way. Engineers, Arms Dealers, Demolition Experts, Medical Personel, and Mechanics.

Engineers - Your job is to construct and help fortify where you faction is based at. We are also adding to this class by giving you the option of creating stationary turrets around your teams base which will help you protect your base while your team is out raiding someone else.

Arms Dealers - Your job is to purchase weapons stockpiles and either give or sell them to your team for a certain price.

Demolition Expert - Your job is to buy explosive charges and other tools for your faction to use in the destruction of an opposing factions base.

Medical Personel - Your job is to heal your teammates when they are low on health, however you may also buy drugs to boost the attributes of your factions players (Health, Speed, Damage).

Mechanics - Your job is to purchase vehicles for the transportation of your teammates. However, you can also buy weapon attachments so that you may outfit your vehicles with tools for mayhem and destruction.

I am looking for mappers, modelers, and coders. These individuals need to know their way around the specific job, be helpful and attentive. All of these individuals will be compensated for their contributions.

Please contact me via steam @ Br0kenL!ght3r

Please do not post useless or negative material. Constructive criticism is more than welcome.

This is going to be a huge project and everyone at Nighttime Heroes is thankful for anyone willing to help.

Are you the idea guy or are you doing more then just that?

I knew someone would ask that, and to answer your question, no I am not just the creator of this idea, I see no use in just making an idea and letting others actually put it together. I prefer to be immersed in the creation of the actual project itself and have experience in coding and mapping.

Oh well anyway then it sounds awesome

I think that this is a great idea. I’d help out, but I’m not too experienced in coding or making models. I have mapped before, but I’m not too great at it. Good luck.

thats a badass idea bro! i approve.

Cant wait

The Idea sounds AMAZING, I would love it. I can’t wait.

what maps are you going to use

Well like I said I am in need of mappers. So the map will be new. Also, thank you everyone for the feedback on what you think! We hope you will enjoy it!

This idea is good i think it would work i like it and probably play it alot so nice

By the way, I forgot to mention that this is a future based gamemode and has a feel similar to that of Warhammer 40k.

Update: The gamemode is going to be called Planet Under Siege. No there is no relation to the gamemode Future Wars, just to clear up question. We will be hosting this on a 64 slot server which we have now. We are currently in the mapping/modeling stage. Most of the menu and rank system coding is being finished up. The map will hold 64 players, and has 4 separate bases for each team. I will try to keep this updated as much as possible. Also, we are no longer in need of help!

EDIT: It will also have a ranking system implemented that will fully immerse the player in which faction they chose to play and will test there skills of survival and strategy.

is there going to background story?

Is there going to BE a background story? Yes, there is in fact going to be a fairly in-depth background story for those people that like to read a sort of gameplay lore for lack of a better term. It explains how each faction or race wound up on the planet that is currently being fought for. All of the story and more will become available once our website is online.

Update: Some of the dev team have their GSCE’s coming up and have to prepare for those so we will be a little behind on releasing the gamemode. As of now it looks like it will be ready for beta around late July or early August. This is only because there are only two devs on the project right now, myself, and another. So hold with us!

points towards
They’ve got Roleplay Wars. Very similar too what your saying.

Are you the coder? This doesn’t make much sense.

Not really.

Hi, i tried to add you on steam but it can not find your ID, could you make sure it is correct?

I could try my hand at mapping. Once I configure Hammer for Gmod