Roleplay... What happened to you?

Somewhat of enlightenment…
At some points you’ll probably be… Ramble… Wtf?
So let me just say bare with me…

I remember roleplaying on Gaia Online, and smaller Roleplay forums when I was like… Ten? I remember roleplaying quiet frequently under this name, and my avatar was somewhat my roleplay figure. Joseph A. Skylynx. Lynx Demon. I remember roleplaying that all the time… I would occasionally play out his younger sister Yumi Skylynx in smaller roleplays which were based on assassins. Eventually I left roleplay at the age of twelve, and didn’t return until I bought Garry’s Mod in 2007(13 years old). When I returned to Gaia Online… I felt… Odd? All the roleplays I use to do like, “Demonic Mansion”, “Humans Vrs. Monsters”, “United Gaian Military Forces” were mostly now gone or were so inactive that one post a month was somewhat the normal. This bugged me… I made so many good roleplay friends, and then they somewhat moved on with their lives, and their wasn’t any roleplay anymore. So… I decided to move on, and try some new age roleplays. To my surprise… The roleplay was gone. Now we had these shitty, Twilight, Avatar, and Naruto roleplays with not sign of any creative, “Project Blue Book” or “Slave’s Key” roleplay. I was somewhat devastated because of this… I tried once to make a roleplay, and it got flamed for apparently being to furry even though it was based on demons.

After that day I basically gave up on Gaia Online, and never returned. Now, I come to Garry’s Mod. I had heard so many wonderful stories about, “A universal HL2 Mod”, “Great Roleplay”, and “Old Breed” type of roleplayer. To my amusement… It was like that. Then it started going down the drain when I watched Dark RP take over. Then when TnB began it’s almost fly fishing like attitude where it was up one day, and the next it was down because of management issues. I was almost disgusted… Garry’s Mod did the same dippy dive that Gaia Online did. The next few months followed the same way… Up, down, and repeat. I need to ask you guys… Are we really that bad? What happened to players making their own Roleplay Gamemode… What happened to the creativty?

All I gotta say guys… Roleplay… What happened to you?

Stop whining.

The best solution is to stop waiting for good roleplay to rain upon you, and make one yourself.

Really though, stop posting the same thread. Everyone knows whats happening.

Make roleplay yourself. Find a good community that you can trust.

GMod RP stagnated, it didn’t provide anything new. People became bored and left.

You do not need a gamemode to roleplay, you don’t even need money. I have two scripts that I’d encourage you to use.

Ultra Light Role Play


The first one, you can add entities and such based on what type of role-play you do.

Stop whinning bro. You have two bitch threads out.


Thank you for that post. Summed up my thoughts.


At this point imo gmod RP should just die. The servers should be used for something better, like fretta gamemodes or what-not.

All you do is spam threads which are all translate to:

“RP in GMod sucks, I hate it, trolls and crybabies ruined it and it is ruined because it is ruined it is retarded even though I spent a year of my life spamming the Pulsar Effect suggestion forums, which is by the way a roleplay community.”

You whine about “cry babies” a lot, but you are one yourself. Either post something new or stop shitposting.

What happened?
Fricken minges effed over RP so hard aint even funny:ms:

If you’re looking for an RP server with a shit load of people on, go to TnB. It’s full of cybering fags but eh. /shrug.

You should relax, during my absense I have obtained a few assets, if things goes accourding to plan, which they most likley will, the tides will turn within a few mounths.

I play on this darkrp server and all we do is basically everything but RP’ing.We of course sell shit to eachother,but nothing apart from that.
It’s fun because we are doing what every single other server doesn’t do.
Enjoy the game and shut the fuck up about it.