Hello all do any one know good rp mods
i know this already

cider (wont but hate the dam bugs)

i wont a working mod look like the cider rp or perp i thinks can someone replay on this on some good thing?

Why did you make two threads on this.

Good old Cakescript.

I personally don’t like cakescript, maybe because of the millions of mods out there, but hey, that’s just me.

This thread is pointless, just shows how it’s okay to be mean to 10’ers.

lol for i wont some good help for a good mod




yeah i know cakescript are good but thinks it will work whit this -> and when you juse that mod it bug so you need to take on something and after drop it then the weapon will work but it some holster command in console all can juse and i don’t rember it and the animations bug to so all go like this

You are the one looking like an idiot by using join dates. Some people, like me, have been around since 05, but didn’t make a facepunch account until later, or got banned, in most cases.

Although the OP needs to learn better english or he shouldn’t be posting at all.

Thanks for taking my post out of context, asshole.


Oh… Wait… Look at that number, it makes sense…



lol okey

I like severence. I hate cakescript.
OP needs better English. On facepunch it matters. Unlike some other forum for 12 year olds.

I’ve been around facepunch since 2005. Been around steam since 2002. It’s people like you that we need to get rid of. My main on facepunch was banned, hence the '10 join status.

Learn Lua
Make Own RP

Or, use Nexus and build an epic gamemode.

Or make your own and make a more epic gamemode.

Or make your own and make crappy gamemode.

yeah i try to learn me to lua and i have try nexus but i need some things to it work…


all know what i talk about. only you don’t know


yeah but the easy way to make a mod if i have something to start build on i already work on a mod not a rp but its my first mod and i will start work on a rp after this…

I think Half-Life 2 RP is pretty good, also try to use a more informative title next time, :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope, it’s people like you. Hence the ban.

Yeah Half-Life 2 Rp are a good rp but how do i get it?

Unfortunately I don’t have a link to a download, but as always, :google: :google: :google: