If someone were to make a new RP script, What would be the features you would like to see? I mean… Advanced, Simplicity, Whatever. I mean, I always liked a roleplay where it is laid back, and people actually Roleplayed. I found a server that uses sandbox, without the Q menu, and is not for building, but for Roleplay. I think scripts nowadays are taking the “Role” out of “Role Play”. What I am trying to say is that… What do you want to see in a roleplay script?

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People actually fucking roleplaying.

This. Just /me is enough for most things. If there’s a need for SENTs later, those can be made. But begin with just /me.

What I think RP should contain is RPG elements, why?

Well, from my perspective, it seems a lot of role-play servers and communities go down the shitter for one simple reason:
Everyone gets bored.

Think about it, if you have nothing to do in a server but role-play, you’ll get bored eventually, and you’ll eventually fuck around, and then role-play is destroyed.
I know your supposed to role-play, and if you dont you should leave, but that isn’t my point.

To me, role-play should be something that can be defined via a game-play value, instead of a community value, as in make your RP gamemode itself a very fun experience with a lot to do other than just role-playing with with a 10 foot long title describing every useless feature of your character.

RPG elements such as:

Eh… I seriously think Dark RP just needs a more serious attitude, and it would be perfect, but if you insist.

  • Freedom of Player Model
  • Liscense N’ Flags
  • /me Roleplay for a good majority of things
  • Instead of gravgun, and physgun… Hands.
  • The ability to make more items.
  • Admins are police
  • Spreadable fire.
  • Democratic Elections.
  • Mayors have a job other then getting shot.
  • Minigames
  • Fishing… RP desperately needs some form of outdoors.
  • Guns which are realistic, but still require roleplay elements to operate.
  • Disable of Console.

A bare bones script, barely anything on it to interfere, no useless features that add nothing to the RP. Maybe some server side security from wallhacks/ aimbots (it would stop the most of them anyway).

Kind of why I’m learning to script GMs to make my idea for a modern LightRP real.

Also Admins as police is a terrible idea Joe, for the love of god, no. If no admins are around, the server will be shit, if the admins are shit, the server will be shittier.

Yeah you got a point there. Wait Hex… Why don’t you just script Gmod RP? That shit was light rp at it’s finest.

Or maybe it’s because the admins aren’t too eager to actually administrate - instead they participate in the mingefest on many servers or just aren’t on the server at all.

No no and a million times no! That’s what RP needs less of. Less RPG bullshit that makes people fucking try and level up, less NPCs that take your freedom. Less dumbass crafting like if it was Minecraft or whatever, less guns, less economy, less classes, less shit that is limiting me.

I RP for the simple reason that I don’t want any of that crap. I want to be a character on a story. The solution to boredom is getting a better story, or getting better players, whichever’s easier. Don’t blame it on RP, blame it on yourself. If you don’t find any RP that satisfies you, just quit playing RP and find something less time tasking to play.

  • I agree on this one.
  • No, less flags, less licenses. If you really need vendors just add buygroups.
  • Can’t force that.
  • Why reinvent the wheel?
  • Pointless.
  • HELL NO. I don’t trust admins within roleplay, now I’m expected to trust them with IC authority?
  • What good would that even do?
  • Just RP it.
  • Why fishing? Just leave the bloody streets.
  • No, less guns so you can spend more time RPing.
  • What?! What’s even the point of that?

You want fun RP? You want enjoyable RP? Then do this, don’t think of it as RP, make a story, make some captivating characters, socialize, continue with the story, don’t worry about all the petty shit, and just play.

The more you worry about admins, maps, models, items levels and that stuff the less time you spend actually playing, thus, boredom. TAKE things out of RP gamemodes, focus on immersion, focus on reducing the need for titles, focus on better communication, and focus on stories. That’s what every other RP community outside GMod does.

Look in roleplay releases, and look at MelonScript.

Btw, Esalaka and Big Bang deserve “Roleplay Guru” titles =/

None of that limits you if you code it right, your thinking I want World of War-craft in Gmod, what im saying is have that as a side notion while thoroughly boosting role-play upfront.
None of that limits your ‘freedom’, and besides, from my personal perspective of jumping from RP to RP, the less freedom the average player gets the better the quality of the RP seems to be, TnB was apparently the most popular RP server out there, and it was very restrictive and had a lot of automated systems.
‘dumbass’ crafting and other RPG elements can be skillfully grafted straight into an RP environment, imagine instead of weapon flags or a npc with a black model selling ak47s for 40 bucks, you had to acquire multiple parts to create your own weapon?
Other elements can be incorporated in the same way to boost RP, stats that are limited so not everyone runs at the exact same speed, or has the exact same accuracy with all weapons ever created, etc.

No, see, TnB didn’t have a restricting script - it had a restricting scenario! In such a case, you don’t need any common sense in choosing your role because it has been pre-chosen for you, and therefore all you need to worry about is actually roleplaying your character. You don’t have access to guns so you either do something else or just quit.

Although a restrictive script could achieve the same, it’s always better to restrict players using the scenario. In other words, give them an IC explanation of why they can’t be a crazy gunman.

But I sure can’t remember TnB having too many automated systems, pretty much only the shop and loan systems which mainly were there so that you could start a shop and actually sell something useful.

How many threads do we have on this now?
RP isn’t going to return to the way it was before - the 10 year olds will invade it and ruin it. Look at PE, for example. In the early days of PE, the RP was nice, you didn’t see too much rulebreaking and it actually stayed serious. A few months before it died, it was a complete mingefest and the only RP you saw was from a few passive organizations, which was usually completely ruined by the 10 year olds.

Problem: This^

Answer: Take something like TnB’s quiz as it already removes the dumbest kids. Add more stuff such as mandatory character description - basically to extend the idea of the quiz. After this you’ll only need nazi administration so that all morons will instantly be kicked and banned.

The other choice is completely private servers, but what fun is that?


Whenever I get admin for a server people call me to much of a nazi. I’m like the approval guy for banning!

The ability to hug/marry/give birth. Also the ability to have air vehicles that aren’t on flatgrass.

Not valid here, I was suggesting that the administration should be the kind to be called nazi. Not making nazi comparis-

Oh wait, actually I was.

It still wasn’t an argument.

I tried Roleplaying once. But guess what? I was the only bloody person actually doing it. There was I, Civil Protection Officer and being a good one at that, while everyone else randomly snipes each other. I must have died at least 6 times within 5 minutes.

There should be a way of restricting weapons so that you can’t just grab a CS:S gun from the Q menu.

That’s what we’ve all been saying, isn’t it?

Haha. I guess that would be ok I guess…