Roleplayer Relations

Alright, we need to keep the amount of threads to a minimum on discussing negative things about roleplay, roleplayers, scripts, and servers. This will be the thread to express your opinion. Don’t use this thread as an excuse to flame someone, rather give constructive criticism to other people on how to improve their community, script, or roleplaying. Posts that would be good for this thread would be things like how you do not like a certain community for certain reasons or why you don’t like a certain script.

Now, there are some rules as always.
[li]If you’re going to complain, have some good points and examples. Constructive criticism.
[/li][li]Community ‘wars’ won’t be allowed in here. Speak as a roleplayer, not a community owner.
[/li][li]Flaming and personal attacks on other people are not allowed (e.g. insulting them because they are a furry or otherwise)
[/li][li]The regular rules still apply, don’t think you’re exempt because you’re posting in here.

This thread is an experiment, if it becomes completely out of control I will remove this thread.

I think that how people roleplay is their own business, and aslong as nobody else is hurt, it’s up to everyone for themselves to be able to do what they like without having to feel bad about it.

There is no “pure” roleplaying, the definition of roleplaying is to play a role, as the word suggests, people who constantly look to perfect it will problably wake up one day realising that they struggled for nothing. Roleplaying is about having fun, meeting new people and escape from everyday troubbles, like a pub without the alcohol.

Pee poo mod is my fav. Kthx.

(User was banned for this post ("Dumb" - Nori))

This isn’t going to end well Nori :frowning:

I predict TnB hating within the next few days, followed by community spats then eventually bans and a lock.

But anyway, I’m just saying that there aren’t enough non-DM, non-serious RP out there for the person who doesn’t want to be DM’ed, but who wants to have a sniff of a gun within their lifetime. That’s my 2 cents.

This may not end well, but it would’ve been worth a try. I’d rather have it in here than in the other threads shitting up stuff and having everything go off topic.

In my opinion, I don’t like the hate on DarkRP.

I’m not sure if people dislike DarkRP, or if they say it just to hate it. (or possible bandwagoning)

Ether way, I think DarkRP is a great gamemode, and it works just fine. It really comes down to whether or not the server owners do a good job keeping the server clean. Perhaps bad experiences in a DarkRP server causes hate?


(and again, just my opinion)

It’s a rare time when I say this, your opinion is simple fact, gamemodes don’t dictate good or bad RP. People do.

I have nothing against escapism as I look for it myself sometimes, but people should just concentrate on having fun and not going on power trips.

Power trips are bad

Agree, now lets f-ing rp already. I’m getting up early for you tomorrow.

Yeah, just look at Hitler… Or… That guy with the nightstick at the carnival…

Godwin’s rule. I think we can ignore it though.


Rule 36…