Roleplaying games

Does anyone know of any games that have good, actual serious roleplaying in it? What games? Were can I get them?

Also do you have any examples of the game?

Depends, if you are okay with mmorpgs then you should get Age Of Conan.
Sure it has had a lot of problems in the past, but it looks great and it’s starting to look really good.

Also, tons of people role-play; I used to do it myself.

You can get the game in pretty much any store that has a section for games.

How much does it cost?

Why is this in the GMOD section?

Because I want to get ideas from other games and put them into my own community.

Play some MUDs

What’s a MUD.

Text-based roleplaying games, although I forgot the acronym. My brother used to play them all the time before he got addicted to WoW. Speaking of, some people have been making private RP servers on WoW, but eh. goes back to hating WoW

Can anyone link me a private RP server for it?

wow that is.

Oh, I thought you were asking something else…

Well I also want to play them.


I just played a MUD it was really boring to me. I like to see my character etc.

Multi User Dungeon

Agree, wtf man

Have you chosed a MUD that encourages RP or a hack n’ slash?

Diablo 2. Yes! Titan Quest works for the more modern gamer.

It was all roleplaying. No combat.

Dungeons & Dragons? GURPS? Call of Cthulhu? The World of Darkness RPGs?

Can’t get much more “serious” than pen-and-paper RPGs.