Roleplaying in S&Box - My expectations

Hello fellow enthusiasts

I’ve been playing Garry’s Mod for almost 8 years now, and my main focus all these years has been roleplaying. I started of with basic DarkRP (& btw the DarkRPs in 2013-14 were magical - fight me.) and quickly moved onto a more serious aspect of roleplaying. Mostly, I’ve been administrating, managing and moderating roleplaying communities & servers.

Because roleplaying is so close to my heart, I would love to bring up a new discussion with the help of this thread regarding your expectations on roleplaying in S&Box.

My expectations and wishes.
Right now, there are not many games out there which provides good roleplaying experiences. I would love to see S&Box take the lead on a roleplaying-level. I believe, with Source 2 being used, creating, developing and designing a good roleplaying gamemode will be easier and better than ever before. It feels like we could have the tools required in order to create a new generation of RP.

I would love to see S&Box become a mix between FiveM (graphics, realistic, play-style & map-sizes) and Gmod (the ability to develop and implement whatever you want, the freedom of creation). I have been thinking about this for quite a while, and I really think S&Box can take the lead and show the world what roleplaying should be like.

I beg for developers, mappers & designers to realize that S&Box may be the new platform for a new generation of roleplaying.

What are your expectations on roleplaying in S&Box, what would you wish for?

Regards, Cyron.


There is nothing to be desired and expected, you can do whatever you want as you can even create your own shaders. Roleplay experience is also your job, you need to educate your community.


Well, surely Source 2 can give us much more possibilities. I’m sure that S.T.A.L.K.E.R. RP can be done much better, because now it’s stuck with Source 1 limitations. I hope that Rubikon would be much better than Havok in vehicle physics, so racing game modes could have much more space.


Personally I’d love to see a seamless implementation of VR, every item should be as detailed as possible, and should work like their real life counterpart, but also be able to be picked up and examined if you don’t have VR.

It’d be great if users could interact with eachother like VR Chat. It’ll definitely make for some hilarious interactions.


Source 2 has the tool kit, asset support, performance, and networking that s&box will make super easy to use. If people make their addons the right way we’ll basically end up (by accident) with every gamemode being better than vrchat with the same features and much better implementation.

We can have asset streaming; which means a unified avatar system across gamemodes is super simple. We also have level streaming, and perhaps (depending on networking) the abillity to change servers super easily. You can theoretically make a large city map, and then keep adding on sections, with a server for each section, and end up with a fully immersive city.

We aren’t limited to just boring little darkrp servers anymore, we can create entire interconnected worlds.


That is true, technology has come a long way since source 1.
Interconnected worlds seems really amazing and I can’t wait to see with what the community and other developers come up with regarding their design etc,.


I imagine this will be the beginning of something like The Oasis in ready player one. Having physics that work over the internet like that with VR support just makes the possibilities endless.


I definitely share the love of roleplaying as well. I think with the expanded capabilities of Source 2, it will just come down to what you make of it.

I’m currently learning how to code C# mods for FiveM as well and I’m hoping what I’m learning will be allow me to transfer that knowledge over to S&Box. Since there are a lot of limitations with GTA, I imagine there will be a lot more possibilities, especially since S&Box is made specifically for creating.

My hopes are that more people start learning how to code so that they can create whatever they want, and we won’t have an abundance of the cookie-cutter gamemodes we currently have in GMod.


Servers are gonna be pretty good for a while after launch since communities would have to have developers and not rely on public cookie cutter addons. I wonder how many different darkrp clones will be getting worked on before someone releases a clean base.

I wonder how many people will be focusing on creating VR content, I think s&box could provide a really good environment to compete with VRChat.

Large displacement maps with safe zones and bunkers along with high player counts and good client/server performance will make this super easy I think.


I feel the overall dynamic of roleplay on Garry’s Mod hasn’t really changed in a long time and I don’t expect it to change much moving to S&Box. I imagine very similar types of roleplay servers and game modes will be popping up on S&Box as we see on Garry’s Mod. I expect there to still be different styles of roleplay, (semi-) serious and “Darkrp” type roleplay servers but I hope by moving to Source 2, it’ll solve quite a dominant problem that Garry’s mod has had for a while which is limitation and lack of innovation.

By moving over to Source 2 for S&Box, it not only provides a much higher threshold for what is capable but also introduces a whole new community of potential developers that can experiment with the engine. For a long time now, there’s been an abundance of replicated servers and game modes with little to no real innovation, My hope is that by providing a new fresh slate, it will unlock people’s desire to innovate and create something glorious. I’d personally really like to see what people would do with the HLRP concept in S&Box. ~remo.


Innovation is something that’s big but not necessarily caused by LIMITATION. I could argue that true innovation comes from too much limitation, as it requires someone to think outside the box for their goal.

But that’s not what we have. If your gmodstore script sponsored server is enough to have people joining, then you aren’t really needing to have anything further right? It’s not an offense to those servers, just a natural tendency.

Either way I know that the new toolset will cause people to just go crazy because they’ll be INSPIRED to do so, especially knowing how powerful Source 2 already is. I mean just look at the screenshots. If you weren’t a dev you probably look at it and want to try it out


you do have a point


This is something that permeated most of my experience with Garry’s Mod. For me, working around the limitations of a system to achieve an ambitious goal was my main drive in almost all gamemodes, from figuring out advanced ball sockets to make a friction based gearbox in sandbox, to using physproperties and clever building to create an “automatic” store in a DarkRP server that didn’t have WireMod or similars.

My point is, while they are sometimes just plainly annoying, some limitations show the player or programmer a direction to push towards. It will be VERY interesting to see where these limitations will eventually appear in Sandbox and what will people come up with then.


We’ll still see uncreative and derivative content that for the most part has a prettier coat of paint. We’ll still see donation schemes and we’ll still have garbage admins. We’ll still have bugs and griefers and cheaters.

But there is just too much potential now for truly impressive content not to be developed. Ideally they will float to the top and their great ideas and features will be stolen enough for the average quality of those modes to be better for it.

Addons at least can spice things up where gamemode developers fail to think outside of the box, and admins can install those for lack of any programming/art ability themselves. Bigger servers mean more resources and custom tailored forking of gamemodes too.

We’ll already be able to load way larger and overall more complex maps thanks to Source 2’s engine. Day night cycles right out of the box I expect. That’s a great improvement from the start.


Buy the Kurozael’s future HL2 RP schema on S&Box only for 40$ and get 128 Slot License :call_me_hand:


How can they be selling something S&box related when it’s not even out? What even is a schema?

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It’s a joke, a schema in this context is something you plug into a roleplay framework and what provides most of the functionality/content.

For Clockwork (The framework being referenced) you can either develop your own schema or use the ‘official’ ones, which range anywhere from free (But limited to 20 players) to 40 dollars for the 128 player variant.


Damn they even got licenses for gamemodes now, never heard of “schema” before.
I’m a simple man, I call everything an addon.


He’s been selling his gamemodes since 2008-2009. Man’s a pioneer in gmod monetization. Probably earned a fair fortune doing it too.


@lizreu I did :slight_smile: and I’ll be making roleplaying gamemodes for S&box as soon as possible… the first gamemode I make will be a DarkRP-alike, which will be free.