Roleplaying Map Idea


My Idea is a village surrounded my zombies (held back by a fence), there will be houses to own, and a arena in the middle to duel agaisnt other players legally, and fight other enemys ie. antlion guard, fast zombies.

It would be a private server so there arnt idiots playing on it, (but i will make anyone welcome to register, but new people will be on trial). Guns except pistols would be illegal (so gun gangs can form). Drugs and money printers will also be illegal, so when the police do a sweep of your house you have to hide stuff very well. Everyone is allowed (code wise) to buy money printers,gun shipments(guns will be expensive), drugs etc on any job but that dosent make it legal.

If the zombies escape the mayor would call a lockdown, and a special team would go out. The zombies on the outside constantly spawn on the outside potentially making the number huge, making a even more fun breakout. Antlion Guards will even be spawned

Potential Jobs would be:
*Catcher-Catches the antlions,zombies etc and transports them to the arena.
*Saboteur-Saboteur’s are illegal and are to be arrested on sight, their job is to move the fence to let the zombies in, wreck transport etc (but damaging other peoples houses or stealing is not allowed)
*Swat-Powerfull gun team to kill zombies/antlions
*Police-Job is to kill any lonesome zombies, sweep houses,arresting people etc.
*Gun Dealer-Can only legally sell pistols.
and more.

Guys what do you think? Anything you want to add?
I will make a blueprint if people like the idea, and i would need help from you guys to make this a actual map.


How is that contradicting?

Idiots are generally the people who want to spam money printers, gun shipments and drugs while on a DarkRP edit.

Yes that is true, but they wont be as cheap as they normally are (ie, money printer 2.5k). So idiots cant afford them after 10 zombie kills.