Roleplaying needs to wake up and change it's nature.

A sort of sequel to a previous thread :

** What am I talking about ? ** : For two or three years now, since the death of GM9 RP, I have witnessed a growing change in the way in which script makers and server owners expect people to Roleplay. Obviously with the harnessing of LUA in roleplay scripts in GM10, things that were previously unthinkable are now possible. Let me give you some examples:

Recently I played on the Kuro Resident Evil server. When I looked at the commands I was, to be honest, a little bit taken aback. There was a command to ‘lean against a wall’. Before, a simple /me leans against a wall would have sufficed.

Some have said that this is overscripting and just a one-off example.

But even in the currently most popular and, some of you may say, simplest RP gamemode, DarkRP, these complications are rife :

Why have an announcement: ’ -This man- is Wanted by the police! ’ when you can have a /warrant command !

Why let a prisoner out of jail when there’s a jail timer !

And what about Tacoscript ? :

Well that brings us on to the worrying trend that’s happening in RP. The RPG’isation of gamemodes.

You hit a wall with your fists: You gain Strength XP.
Run ? Agility XP
Just walk ? Stamina XP.

Some people need to realise that this isn’t Oblivion or Fallout or anything. This is GMod RP. Just because someone spends more time on the server than you do doesn’t mean they should get to run faster, to punch harder, to jump higher.

I’m not calling for something like LightRP. I do realise some amount of scripting is needed. But why, oh why, kuro do you make me download 900 files(300 of those models(take about 1 minute each)) to play on your server ?

Surely the HL2 models and maybe one or two others would suffice ? This is a plea to those who script and those who host, to turn away from this nonsense and get back to the roots of GM Roleplay. Fun.

Thanks for reading.

I thought this thread was about the guys that go around breaking your windows (Neds) RPing.

Very misleading :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, It does.

Not all servers are like this. Certainly at meteornet we try as far as is reasonably possible not to do anything with scripts and do to it with roleplay instead.

The only way Garry’s Mod Roleplay can be saved is if it takes a new turn with something new and fresh rather then simply trying to revise what it already has, which was the start of the problem since the beginning of all the shitty Light RP variants and then gamemode releases that expanded on those. It wouldn’t be an outlandish statement at all to say that most roleplay scripts in use now are mostly or contain part of DarkCybo1’s original Light RP coding, and on the top of my head only Catscript comes to mind for not containing it.

Thanks for that valuable contribution in which you clearly detailed why you think this.

I totally agree.

kuroScript literally has commands for EVERYTHING, from leaning against walls, to falling on the ground. Not to mention the fact that kuroScript (and Cider) really restrict roleplay. On kuro’s Fallout RP server, there is text at the top of the screen that reads "Your character has 10 lives left before he dies permanently. Permakilling a character if he dies 10 times makes any type of character development impossible.

Then there’s how kuroScript (and Cider) handles player injuries: Is your health even 1 point below 100? Let’s make your screen so fucked up you’d think your tripping on LSD! It’s impossible to play the game if your injured at all. Even accidentally hitting yourself on the head with a prop is enough to trigger the vision impairment thing.

TacoScript is really the only RP gamemode I’ve seen that doesn’t have horrible script over roleplay (although it does, it isn’t as bad as other RP gamemodes).

Stats in GMod RP gamemodes are completely pointless because they are completly unrealistic and allow people to have overpowered characters. I can’t tell you how many times in Taco ‘n’ Banana servers I’ve seen new players race around everywhere to “lol raise my speed stat” so they can outrun the Combine.

Dungeons & Dragons (or any other tabletop RPG, for that matter) stat and leveling system doesn’t even work that way…

Also, this is a good read. This essay (written by the former owner of AftermathRP after they shut down) explains why RPing in GMod is difficult, if not impossible. Honestly, if you want 100% pure roleplaying, GMod is NOT the place to find it.

People are lazy. Simple as that. Wish to have an example?

Last night,

I was playing on one of my favorite Dark RP servers (Redcity) , it usually is on Downtown so I decided to make the fountain in the middle of the map look cool. It took me about half an hour to do but I made a minge cross,with fences,and with props making words.
Now you may be asking, what does this have to do with lazy people? Well after I completed the fountain/minge cross, I decided I could make some roleplay out of it. Now what form of roleplaying plus Garry’s Mod events could I make up to add some interest? How about Dark RP under attack by a rare strand of Lua virus and bio-hazard admin units. Now, I sent this concept to a few of the admins, they said alright, cool. Now while the admins went to the sewers to become the bio-hazard team I began to warn people that PB was coming and we needed to hide!!! (I like fucking around with PB) But what happens? No one does jackshit other then three players who barricaded themselves inside the furniture store with AK-47’s and Shotguns.
Then we decided to wake everyone up. One of the admins mind controlled an afk player made them do all sorts of mingey ass shit. So then everyone freaked out and began hiding in barricaded apartments and shit.
This is when we let lose the Haz-squad. All a sudden we hear a little bit of colliding in the distance, it began creeping closer,and closer,then it was visible. A mingey looking tank with the insinga of “PB-1337” came onto the streets but something was weird about it all a sudden it turned it’s gun towards the furniture store area and shot a cinder-block modeled explosive, then it was seen… A massive explosion and the players killed were banned from the server for half an hour. One guy managed to survived and ran to another shelter where the tank would eventually follow them. The tanks gun would begin to rise but the Dark RP rebels were camping by. Four grenades smashed their way through out a window landing close to the tank and, the Haz-teams warmachine was left in an unwelded mess of props. Feeling success the rebels closed into the tank only to find one last surprise, the enemy had left a fiery barrel for the rebels demise. With the rebels dead, and the tank gone it was now said that the civilians were against the team of armed admins. But of course we only got to that part before the server crashed from the unwelded tank.

But yeah as you can see a few people got lazy and see what happens to them? They get their asses owned by a ten pound explosive cinder-block xD

That really didn’t contribute anything to the discussion…This is about the over-complication of RP, not some barely(if at all) relevant DarkRP story.

Actually, you guys mention what is wrong with RP and how it’s so bad. It’s because players and admins create servers only to become lazy and basically bail leaving players to set each others ass-hair on fire. The reason why I posted the story was to provide the point that rp can still be done it’s just everyone is to lazy to do so and, it takes some people to spark something.

Your story really didn’t show RP…it showed you making up some nasty ass attempt at getting players to do something. The other players probably didn’t respond to the “threat” warning, as they were most likely thinking ‘Fuck this, I’m not taking part in some shit that a 5 year old could make’.

Commands are there to aid the roleplay environment, don’t use them if you don’t want to.

Hehe, trust me when I get in depth with how I make some roleplaying concepts it kinda scares people. War is my favorite subject considering it’s pretty simple to go with,and it’s easy for people to follow. Many other roleplaying concepts I’m working on in mind I’m sure some people will like and some others won’t. Still, point being is all though some saw it childish it was kinda fun for everyone to actually test their abilities with survival on Dark RP. I mean seriously who doesn’t want to throw a grenade at a tank?

A lot of people don’t want to throw a grenade at a tank…

Depends where you hit it >_>

I missed when RP was just cargtown and people who wanted to ‘RP’. Mostly ending up with people playing as birds and other things, but it was always fun and somehow ended no matter what with lots of shooting and then someone would restart the map and it’d go right back to ‘rp’. I miss v7 :c

The problem is, people need to go where they like it. Rather than complaining about the places they dont like, because everyone is different.

I fail to see what that has to do with any point the OP made, or the topic of this discussion, for that matter.

Oh, I see, someone is still upset over the outcome of their thread in the Gamemode Releases forum.

Hi There Guys. Right now my friend is coding a rp script called AE-RP Here you can Fish - Buy Cars That Save When You Leave - Play Football - Driver License Neded To be stuff like police men/taxi driver/bus driver and more. - You can create a family and invite other users.

Some of the things i said isn’t ready yet. and the server is not public yet

You’re doing basically the opposite of what the OP wants.
Overcomplicated scripts that add nothing to roleplay.