Roleplaying Server | Cars, Custom Jobs, Models, entities & more! [Fast DL]

Hello All,

A few years ago I released a DarkRP server, although having been quite popular our user base requested that we’d change to something more “Less Crap” due to the feedback we received we switched to the PERP gamemode. After operating a PERP Server for half a year our users complained once again this time stating that they want to go back to DarkRP Facepalm hence why I’m giving it a shot once again this year.

The community is called x5roleplay. We rent two of our own dedicated server box’s to power the website & the server.

In Game Features:

  • Custom vehicles & dedicated “Car Dealer” Job with skin switcher functionality.

  • Gun Dealer, drug dealer & computer technician job’s. Theres more.

  • Custom Skins, entities & GUI - With Fast DL

  • Latest DarkRP version

  • Great economy & realism <- To a certain extent (It’s DarkRP after all)

  • Adult Community & Adult Non-Minge/abusing Admins

  • Strict rules to ensure correct play-ability and to help restore DarkRP back to it’s good name. Players who abuse are PERM-banned.

  • Prop Spawning is set low to prevent server lag & abusive toolguns/probs are banned.

  • Classic money printers that only dispense realistic sums of money

  • Custom Shipments & spawn-able items.

  • Fading door tool & keypad/buttons <-- So exciting -_- Still!

  • Previously long standing community with a history.

  • All large sized props are banned & server is in-forced with anti-prop killing measures.

  • High Quality gaming experience with few drop outs and lag spikes. Player data is stored externally.

Why us:

Every single day there are an increasing amount of 10 year old’s taking interest in Garry’s Mod. Out of these underage players around 90% of them (Ballshit statistic) create a DarkRP server. The server owners invite there friends & enjoy prop-pushing, prop-killing and abusing. Our aim is to restore the good name of DarkRP by providing an experience in which is next-to-none, we want players to relive them classic Garry’s Mod days where the gamemode was once extremely popular & held great reputation. At x5roleplay we’re here to stay with that in mind we also aim to provide an experience which is far more superior then the other DarkRP servers out there.

We know what we’re doing.


We know whats next… The bitching. Please guys make an exception to this thread and maybe just consider stopping by. DarkRP is crap because PEOPLE make it crap.

Please try to refrain from generic smart-ass comments such as…

“DarkRP is shit”
“DarkRP shits in my hairy vagina”
“DarkRP. lol”
“Not another one”
“Yet another one”

Calm down, take some laxatives and should you hold any hate towards me/thread or the server just take some prozach and snort curry powder.

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Thanks guys ;D

“This isn’t the place for Help & Support threads or Server advertising threads.”

You missed the sticky

Servers usually go to this subforum:

Appreciate the help, thank you