Roleplaying: What the hell are you people doing?

So, basicly, being one of the very few people here who’s had roleplaying experiences beyond Garry’s Mod, what the hell are you people doing? You wouldn’t find good roleplaying if it so came up to you, asked you if you could buy it a drink, then ask you to dance with it, take you outside, make out with you for twenty minutes, before you realise that it’s tits are fake and it has a growing erection! I mean, if you people were any more silly and obnoxious at the same time, it would be like watching Mr. Bean becomming a lawyer! Let’s go on with some major flaws in this:

A) Lack of content, no diversity nor character customization what so ever, the whole city is populated by middle-aged guys looking abit like Niko Belic, the black guy from “The Office”, and some woman looking like Tina Turner, or some guy looking like Nick Frost but with brown hair!


**B) The horrible lack of animations and emotes!
So you’ve picked your celeberty, time for some nice dialogue, or rather: Time to stand perfectly stiff for three minutes whilst emitting a telepathical message to those within fifteen meters of diameters! A roleplaying friendly game requires you to be able to express yourself through animations, poses, stances and sometimes even spells! You don’t stand around like a fucking tinman stuck in a cat’s anus!

C) The “roleplaying”.

It is without a doubt the single most painful and shallow thing I’ve ever seen! It’s always the same thing, people with guns talking to other people with guns, or people with no guns pointing their guns and people without guns who are out looking for guns, or people serving alcohol to people with… Guess what: GUNS! Weather you’re a cop, or a criminal, or a stalker, or a spacemarine or a skitzophrenic axemurderer in a bunnysuit, you’ll have a fucking gun! Unless you’re a faceless prick dressed as a convinct, in which case you’ll simply be pointed at with the guns. It’s always the same thing too, since nobody can keep it at a reasonable level. I mainly play as a peasant, or a janitor, or something that makes me more of a background prop since you people are too busy with a gunfight every five minutes where someone dies just to show up the next half hour after you’ve had your release of nerdrage, mountaindew and my will to live!

D) The utter alienation of the female race!

There are guns, drugs, booze, nukes, zombies, cars, gunsalesmen, drugdealers, your local nukeist’s office, radiation and cardealers, not to mention other painfully mind-numbing activities that only men could find any type of stimulation in. Turns out, strange as this may sound, females are the more intellectual gender, so I don’t blame them from getting bored of a few guys with assault rifles talking for a good hour before shooting eachother and bursting into nerdrage before calling it a day. For fuck’s sake! Add some diversity so it’s not just mentally challenged seven year olds with the braincapacity of a cactus can find it stimulating!

E) The wrong game!

You keep moaning about “RDM” and “minges”, well, turns out, you’re using a first person shooter! This may be a newsflash unless you’ve been living under a rock ever since doom came out: It’s meant for mindless violence! If you have a gun, it’s meant to be fired, if you find a bomb, it’s meant to be detonated and if you find a player, it’s meant to be shot! You take the purpouse of the game and shoot it with a tranquilizer and then restrain it with shackles, then get all surprised when it gets loose and causes meanace through the town before climbing up the empire state building to be shot down by propellerplanes!

F) The horrible scripts!

This is not a roleplaying game! You can’t script it into one no matter how hard you try, the idea is lovley and very apealing, but it lacks the reasources, it’s meant to be used to kill zombies and shatter skulls with high calibur weapons, if you want to roleplay, make a sourcemod, you lazy bastards!

Long story short, I used to roleplay in better games, it was fun, I did heroic deeds and acted all nice to people, giving a sort of “Cheers” feeling, where everybody knows your name, it was really fun, addictive even, due to that it was made for roleplaying. Find yourselves a new game and learn what it truly is about, because you’ve fought for roleplaying in this game, like some kind of pretentious confederates, but now all that’s left is a bunch of rednecks in a cabin, insisting the south will rise again…

Its a game. People will use roleplay as a chance to do things they never could in the real world, like being a drug lord with a warehouse full of guns and blowing shit up all the time. Who wants to come home, sit down on the computer, and be the same boring cashier or janitor that they were an hour ago? People want to have fun, not live out their plain and boring lives both online and in reality.

This part is just fucking stupid. “Of course women will get tired of guns, drugs, explosions, zombies, and gang fights in video games, because they’re so intellectual! Women are so much smarter than us men, right fellas?” I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that you’re a feminist white-knight basement dweller with little to no experience with actual females. They’re not as ‘intellectual’ as you think. Most of them are fucking idiots. Its guys like you that throw themselves at their feet just because they have a vagina that make them look superior to us.

I’m sure you got all the internet pussy for that. You’re such a badass, have my roleplaying babies. Go back to guild wars or whatever the fuck you used to play.

i dont know if i should rate dumb cuz this rant is just sad or clock cuz this is what gmod roleplay has always been like


So your talking about Darkrp? Becuase basically every other rp gamemode has a /me system or something like it for you to do actions.

Put this on tosh.0, as it amused me greatly.

Ok, I didn’t read most of that at all because it was a unorganized wall of text. Anyway, I did read the end where you state you roleplayed in a better game. Mind sharing this game? Nobody cares if you don’t tell us what it is.

** You take the purpose of the game and restrain it with shackles, then you’re surprised when it gets loose and causes menace throught the town and kills everyone. Killing is what FPS games are for, and you aren’t suppose to restrict it.**

I think that’s what you meant by that, and that is a VERY good point you’re making. Excellent quote,

I read it fastly and you said it uses a fps game, no shit. Garrys Mod aim isn’t guns no matter what the gamemode.

for the rest, tl;dr

Does DarkRP still not have a /me system? Even Steam’s built in chat has /me.

Garry’s Mod aim was not to be a shooting game. A fucking sandbox game. So, otherwise, you can do whatever the fuck you want in it.

Wow. This is the stupidest thing I have read all day. Also,

I absolutely hate it when (if you’re a girl) women think that they are the better gender and think that they can do everything a man does and better.
Sure, they CAN do what a man can do and maybe to the same extent, but not BETTER. Just because one girl like Oprah or Sarah Palin does something that women think is amazing, doesn’t give them the right to say that they are the “Alpha Gender”.


No I take it back, THIS is the stupidest thing I have read all day.

I actually do agree with the first two parts. Developers have honestly done nothing to add in more customization options, since the whole model system that the engine currently has is absolutely horrid. We should allow more modelers into roleplay development.

And as for animations. The problem is that people deem it “too complex”. It’s not complex, I can account for it, and even though I added support for Lua animations nobody really seems to bother. Gestures speak more than words.

The rest just seems horribly personal though.

DarkRP still has /me system, of course. Also for Vinze. The point in roleplaying is **imagination. **You don’t need loads of content, because you can use your imagination.

You have played at a decent serious roleplay server that isn’t using DarkRP right?

Well sorry if Darkrp does have a /me system. I havn’t played on a Darkrp server in forever.

You’re missing the point, content or not, it still lacks originality. Call me what you will, imagination can’t make the game itself. I try to be optimistic, but this is as far as it goes.

As for most of you raging on me being a “feminist”, I’d say I’m ahead of all of you, it’s shown they have developed perception and motor skills, it’s just evolution, deny it if you will, but I’d rather go with reality, since it’s easier to face a “problem” rather than flinging crap at it like a rabid circusmonkey.

As for those staying on topic:

I’m sorry if I offended some of you, but for crying out loud, grasping your ears going “LALALALALALALAHESANIDIOTHESANIDIOTHESANIDIOTLALALALALALALA!!!” every time someone states what’s clearly obvious, that’s your problem, not mine.

Try pretty much anything with “roleplaying” either in the title or the description/genre, it can be anything from a MUD to an MMO, hardly matters, just something with a different atmosphere and mentality, or maybe just something that dosn’t involve the thought “Oh, here comes the Barney twins!”.

Oh, and, as for Plasticnoob:
Nice going, personal attacks is hardly a sign of weakness and lack of arguments. If I have not claimed to be anything, then you can’t argue with who I am. I’m a regular bloke, like most, but for your information, I haven’t been in a basement for four years, not counting the occassional garage below the occassional apartment complex/supermarket, as I’ve visited friends and relatives, or just gotten some groceries.

I see you made like a psycic and pulled out a pile of mindless assumptions lacking of facts, like a history book written by a skinhead, well done you, but now it’s time you make like the Wermacht in France and fuck off!

And with great pleasure, I give you: Irony…

This thread is pretty much a personal attack on anyone who RPs in Gmod. Your arguments aren’t that great either, you’re saying the same thing countless others have said, only you’re taking it personally. I agree that roleplay in Gmod for the most part sucks, but your reasons for disliking it are stupid.

Yes, some scripts like Dark RP only give you a few civilian player models. This is because chances are you’re not going to stay a civilian for long, you’ll most likely want to become a super-abusive metrocop or a dumbfuck gangster, and your skin will change. Try servers with their own scripts. More likely than not you will find a greater variety of models, as you’ll probably be a citizen for quite a while.

Garrysmod is based off of a single player first person shooter. Maybe you’re not a big FPS fan, but they generally don’t have a bunch of useless animations like waving, or blowing kisses, or picking through your asshole. If this is an absolute necessity to you, then its like you said. “Wrong game.”

This is something you’ll find in Dark RP. So far it sounds like Dark RP is all you’ve played, and you’re basing Gmod RP and its players as a whole off of your negative experiences. If you want to find serious roleplay, you can greatly increase your chances by staying away from Dark RP entirely.

Completely stupid. You’re a feminist.

Garrysmod is a sandbox game BASED off of an FPS. Gmod can be whatever you want it to be. It can work very well with roleplay if you knew where to look, which obviously you don’t, because almost all of your ‘arguments’ seem to be made solely with Dark RP in mind.

If you absolutely need to be binded by a script to enjoy RP, then you probably don’t know how to RP in the first place. RP is about doing what you want, not picking from a list that the script gives you. Generally you’ll find that the less oppressive a script is, the more possibilities you have. Unless of course you have no imagination whatsoever, in which case, its probably best that you stick to linear run and gun games.

That isn’t irony. Your post was stupid.

So my reasons being that it’s unadapted for roleplaying and it lacks the assets for it are stupid? Well howdy-fucking-do, lemme guess, all opinions against yours are generalized as stupid, correct?

I’ve tried several, either they are restrictive, broken or just generally dumbed down, it shows how lacking roleplayers use more “advanced” ones for the purpouse of having them as a crutch.

Who said it was an absolute necessity? It would be nice if the humans acted human, that’s all. If I wanted stiff, robot-looking people, I’d just toss my computer out the window and play with dolls, but since we’re doing the “taking everything out of proportion”-game, this clearly mean you enjoy playing with dolls, since you’re against the alternative.

Or just Garry’s Mod, since scripts won’t make up make up for what you lack in self-control. You can’t script an atmosphere, and the inferiourized tools of source renders it incapable of proper immersion.

I’m either for or against them, but I won’t deny that there is a certain difference, and in mentality, they are winning the race, but make like someone who knows how to debate and stay on topic, no matter how hard it must be as you lack certain… Ohh… I don’t know, motor skills to do so…

Okay, make it into a unicorn that shoots lasers on morons telling people a bunch of crap reguarding engine capabilities. Might wanna turn it off during the making, though, or wear a laserproof hat…

My point exactly, this game lacks in possibilities for roleplaying. Just because I’d like some kind of cosmetic awareness, or atmosphere to get me immersed, does not make me a bad roleplayer, I doubt Gene Kelly would go “Sure, I’ll make a preformance in this mudpit, after all, if I can’t pretend this is a christmas-themed mall, what kind of an actor am I?”.

The irony is that “stupidest” is not a word, you hipocrite…

I roleplay with my imagination.

The genre of this game, listed on Steam, is indie. We also have sbox_godmode, sbox_plpldamage, and sbox_weapons built in.

If you don’t like the game, why the fuck are you posting about it?

Oh, right, I forgot, unless you agree with mainstream, you’re not worthy of a voice. Pherhaps I used to roleplay alot here, and got fed up with it.