RoleplayProps Extended Import

I have imported almost all the extended roleplayprops if someone wants them it’s here: GitHub - alexistb2904/Sdbox-Props: Props for the game S&box or search “MoreProps” in gamemode s&box

I keep updating regularly by adding props (173 props actually)

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Uh, alright? No screenshots? No more information?

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can we get some pics lol

I finally made a gamemode named “More Props” just look for it in the gamemode s &box (pics added)

I made a gamemode named “More Props” just look for it in the gamemode s&box (pics added)

Where are the props from? Do you own them? Otherwise it can get taken down just a fyi.

I said I import them from roleplayprops and the roleplay props is a compilation of props there no right but all rights go to the original creator of Props of course

but who is the original maker of the props, you say all rights go to them but they are not even mentioned

check the description of the gamemode I added them(I had forgotten to do it)

My brain is melting



This pack contains about 224 props. The majority of these come from CS-GO / CSS / HL1 / HL2 / TF2 content and are already present in Garry’s Mod.

You’re infringing copyright by having these publically available, I would recommend making it private and only using it for personal use, otherwise you’re breaking the law…

The person who make roleplayprops extended didn’t have a problem why would I have any? moreover it is not for commercial use. I have credited all the people/organization who have made Props in this pack to my knowledge.Following your logic people can’t import maps from source 1 or maps from cs/css because in them there are also Props.

actually you cant import source1 maps anyways because maps are also protected

and the difference is that the addon is

  1. on the steam workshop
  2. only creating a list in the spawn menu, not reuploading content of other games (only by some creators but i guess they agreed on that otherwise they could take it down)

you literally moved the content of multiple games and some smaller creators into s&box and wanna take credit on that which is infact very uncool, doesnt matter if you made it for non commercial reasons.


I took literally no credit in the description of the gamemode there are the credits and on github too I never said I had made the Props , I import Props from a steam workshop pack because there are no Props on s&box and if this is a problem they will close the gamemode and that’s all.And the roleplay props don’t create just a list, inside of the add-on there are all the models and all the texture it is also import from another game.


the second thing was my error, i didnt looked at the models/materials correctly but only at the lua part and i
thought that it wont reupload css stuff because it is already required by darkrp to work at all :man_shrugging:

Description of the gamemode not the Github (I had not seen I will also change here) :stuck_out_tongue:

The ONLY ways you can “legally” import external game assets is:

  1. If you are the original creator of said assets, purchased the map or assets from a 3rd part creator/studio and thus have a license.

  2. You have formal permission from the asset creator to use and the creator specifies where it can be used at. This should be more than “word of mouth” a written letter or email printed out will suffice.

  3. If a asset is “royalty free” from a 3rd party website. Like 3dmodels from any of the free to download and use sites out there.

This mean NO MORE ripping and flipping assets from GTA5, Train SIm, COD, etc.

Making models is not THAT hard and it is more rewarding when you create you own props from your own brain for others to enjoy rather than stealing.


I didn’t steal anything and I’m creating my own props: /

"I have imported almost all the extended roleplayprops "

There is a difference between porting assets from other software (either legitimately or stealing)
and creating assets yourself.

The BEST way is to lean modeling software and make your own.

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