"Roll in the big guns" - a Combine mech sanitises a C17 district (model preview)


[Click for full size!](http://filesmelt.com/dl/Mech_final.jpg)


A couple of points:
Apologies, but I forgot jpeg quality 100 here.
It’s fucking hard to shade a model that is effectively full-bright.

Wystan’s super-awesome Combine Mech, Lost Planet reskin!

do do do do bang bang kabush

The muzzleflash looks a bit cartoony.

“They have no reason to come to our place.”

Pretty much everything about the picture is fantastic. I like the colour scheme, the rain, splashes coming from the mech… The flash is great too.
I especially like the shading on the side of the mech.

I can’t think of any critisism, great job mate.

Yeah I kinda fucked up on that this time.

Why does this seem really familiar…

It seems like I’ve seen this picture before.

good job though.

Awesome,good for PS)

Gracias. I made something quite similar with a BF2142 mech a while ago. Similar map location and camera angle, and I think there was a wrecked car to the right of the picture too, so it must be that.

It was in the OEMS a while ago.

Nice job on the shading Chesty, flash is cartoony but you got the color and glow down really well.

The glow from the lights seem like they could be better (right now they look sort of… muffled… if you know what I mean) The mech isn’t casting any shadows on the car it’s stepping on, and you still need to work on shell smoke.

Still, pretty sweet job.

By the way, does that mech have $selfillum set to 1?

Damn. Irritated I forgot to add shading to the car from the legs/feet. Thanks a lot for the critique.

I wouldn’t know. I think the original LP skin is pretty much full-bright too. This is a question for Wystan I think.

Reminds me of the pic were you did one of the model previews for the Jinra Combines with a Mech behind a Jinra or it was something like that :stuck_out_tongue:

Great shading on the model altho I think the background clashes with the model for some reason.


2x :ninja:'d :C


yeah, that’s where it was.

I knew I saw this exact picture somewhere.

Thanks. I know what you mean there. It might be down to the fact jpeg quality was on 90 though (makes stuff merge into each other). :frowning:

Looks funkaliciously cool

I don’t think the muzzle flash is too cartoony, but it’s a little blurry. Very dynamic posing.

No, why? What would that do to the texture?

Agreed with Joazzz and Vman about the muzzleflash, albeit it looks good.

Gracias amigos.