Roll Mod - Dodge, duck, flip, dive and.. roll!

So this is a simple little addon I made to have some fun with my Animation Base that allows you to roll and dodge bullets while doing it! Double tap the direction you want to go in or just use the console command:


There’s a lot of console commands and config options but those are all on the workshop page.

As soon as the Prone mod devs are done with their extension, Prone mod support will be added. I’m hoping we can get a nice set of movement abilities for players.

Here’s a quick demonstration video showing the animations and the first person camera types:

It’s hard to take screenshots since this is an animated thing, so that’s all I can do.

Get it here!


**Sounds from The Specialists (HL1 Mod)
Animations from Blade Symphony
Code by me

Now that is fucking badass.

Are the hitboxes being changed automatically?

Yep. You can roll under things as well

Some year… some year we can replicate jump dive among other moves of the specialists

Is this Double Action :v:

I noticed that there are a lot of anime related melee animations in the animation viewer provided in one of your base. Is that part of one of your mods or do I have secret weeb mods installed?


Oh, I’m dumbe, It’s part of the required addon “Blade Symphony Animations”

Yeah blade symphony is a great source for them. I use most of them for lightsabers and it comes out really nice