Roll Up Door model - how to get it to work?

How do I get the roll-up_door_full.mdl to change models so it can open up for survivors?

You need to use two prop_dynamics, for closed and open variants of the model respectively.

  1. Name them differently.
  2. Place them exactly in one spot.
  3. Disable shadows for both of them
  4. The open version should have “Start Disabled” set to “Yes” and “Collisions” to “Not Solid”
  5. Have a trigger, or a button, w/e you’re using - send the following outputs:
    “your_closed_door_name” -> “Disable”
    “your_closed_door_name” -> “DisableCollision”
    “your_open_door_name” -> “Enable”
    “your_open_door_name” -> “EnableCollision”
    Then once you activate the commands ingame you should see the door instantly become replaced by the open version, assuming that’s what you were aiming for.

What HGrunt said. This won’t play an animation of the door rolling up, just an instant switch from closed to open.