Rollback Gmod to a Previous Version for Demos?

I have some demos that I made before the recent patches that I need to use, but due to the updates I cannot view them anymore. Is there a way to rollback gmod to a previous version (offline, of course) so that I can watch these demos correctly?



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On my other computer, I still have gmod installed from before the patch - could I use this to temporarily overwrite the patched game, and what files would I need to use?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to copy the demo files to your other computer?

Just launch Steam in offline mode/kill your connection before it can update.

That’s my plan right now.

I just didnt know if theres a way that I can save whatever files I need, let it update so I can actually play online and such on that computer, then disconnect from the internet and use the old files when I want to record demos again.

You could use the “garrysmod content.gcf” file in the Steam/steamapps folder on your old computer to load GMod as a source mod so that it doesn’t update. Download GCFScape and extract the contents of the GCF file to Steam/steamapps/SourceMods (making sure the directory structure ends up as SourceMods/garrysmod/gameinfo.txt).

Turn off your internet on the other computer, right click gmod and hit properties, then turn off automatic updating. You can run the demo and record it to an avi from there, or you could use virtualdub to make it a movie(?). Not sure about the whole source recorder process.

I just got around to testing this, and it works perfectly! Thank you so much for a clear and easy answer!

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