So after getting hacked ingame and the servers attacked, there was also a rollback to get rid of what little we can gather?

Whatever was placed between the update and the servers going down in the world seemed to be rolled back, but inventory’s are fine.

Edit: At least, that’s what I saw from US Central 1.

I doubt it was just that time frame. I had whole storages wiped and many other people reported the same on NA4.

At least make it a proper whipe.
With all the server crashes there was a lot of dupng going on, so the people who didnt dupe are basically screwed.

As an admin on a community server, I can confirm that it’s not just the official servers.

Im my server items are missing :frowning: Some items that we put on the wood storages are not in the storage nor in inventory :frowning:

I just realized something. All items which I stored recently are gone, even the ones gathered/crafted days ago that were just moved from one storage to another.

Exactly… what was in storage is gone :frowning:

On the community server im playing on everything was wiped, except for inventories