Roller Coaster on gm_construct

This roller coaster I have built is currently on gm_contruct as a save. I am working on making it larger of its current size but I just wanted to show people. Before you flame download the thing and see it first. Then make your notes and then complain rather than jumping to conclusions.

No screenshots at the moment…

No pic no click. It’s as simple as that.

I second that. sorry, OP.

Stop please


Just stop this madness.
We all know it’s you rating everyone as ‘dumb’ because you can’t think of any other way to respond to these 100% goku comments.

Trolling aside, rollercoasters have been done so many times its not even funny, there are props in phx ready made for it, which means if you post one, you’re bound to get trolled.
Try looking on google images for something cool, and build that.

Please no more rollercoasters.

*Unless they’re TOTALLY epic and use some new system no one has ever thought of before.


But other than that, yeah…nubcoasters were new in GMOD V5. This is Garry’s Mod Retail, or GMOD 11. Get with the times, please.


lol i actually dont even know how to rate things sooo uh can you tell me please (as hard as it is to believe yes im that stupid im sorry)

You get the fuck out.
You hit reply and click an icon.

As hard as you might find this to believe, that wasn’t directed at you.

I love how you can see these n00bs slapping a ‘dumb’ on every post which tells them exactly how crap their contraption is

hehehe thank you