Roller Coaster "The Neckbreaker" with Video + DL

Here is my coaster I made called “The Neckbreaker”

Includes 2 runs. Be sure to watch in HD

Install directions: Extract folders to your C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\YOURNAME\garrysmod\garrysmod folder and merge with existing folders. Everything you need for it (except phx) is in the pack. Map included with permission from Xhizors!

**How to use **: The save is the easiest and it is all ready to ride! Just go to Load game and it will be called gm_xhizors with a picture looking at a cart and the start of the track. Start it up and the cart will be at the top of the platform high in the air. Hop in!
There are also two advanced dupe files included. Just load up gm_xhizors map and adv dupe paste the coaster with “Paste at Original Location” checked on. Then paste the cart at original location as well. Only use the dupe for the gm_xhizors map as it is made only for it, and you will miss a lot of it on any others.

**Keypad controls: **
1 is a realistic speed of around 75 MPH.
2 is the maximum safe speed averaging around 115 MPH.
3 is a Boost! WARNING! Use of the boost means you agree to the ToS of riding “The Neckbreaker” and waive the right to live. Don’t use it!
0 is for reverse.

I had fun making it and I learned a lot of tricks. If there is an interest, I can make a tutorial video. With some tricks to build faster and better. And how to make a realistic cart and coaster that works just like the ones in real life with wheels and rails. I grew up with the wooden roller coasters so I like the jolty getting beat up feeling I use on this coaster. But a wheeled and rails one is just as easy and is very smooth riding.

I encourage people to make their own and modify mine as much as they want. Check out some of the areas I did for some ideas. You could wire it so you could have 5 going around at the same time automatically stopping to let people in/out or whatever. Make your own custom cart. Go nuts!

Thanks to x-quake for the XQM roller coaster models and Xhizor for the map.

Nice Job. Super long roller coaster.

Op broke my neck and cracked my nuts =O

is 75 mph realistic speed of a roller coaster? |: the fastest in norway is about 50 mph

I think fastest coaster in the world is around 130 mph

Well done. Seems worth the time you put into it.

That’s with idiotic amounts of airpressure behind it. A normal coaster goes about 50 mph, and is chain driven.

At my six flags, there’s a coaster that shoots you off at 75 mph, Forgot the name.

Nice ride, is it me or is video in 1080p laggy?

you own six flagS WHOA

NIce coaster none the less

Pretty creative for a spam of PHX props. I might have to build something like that in my Roller Coaster Tycoon game.

Must have taken a while to build. Awesome.

At Six Flags Fiesta Texas, there is a coaster that shoots you off about the same speed. It’s called the “Poltergeist.”

cough[/media] 121 MPH
Also you see the camel humps at the end? or “No Gravity hills” try to include those into your coaster. would be interesting to see this in gmod


cough Goliath [media]
255 FT drop at 85+MPH pulling around 4G’s when coming up after main drop

Millennium Force is faster.

Holy damn I could see how it got its name. More like a brain smasher though

goliath is a rattling piece of shit

aint got shit on Riddler’s Revenge

its actually pretty cool

nice ass job, dont know why you get so many boxes.