Rollerball Gamemode

Ever wanted to play basketball with a combine anti-vehicle mine? Ever wanted to chuck crates at someone who once spammed a server with dumpsters? Well Now here’s Rollerball! Rollerball is a gamemode with two teams, one head, one ball, and plenty of fun things to kill each other with. people come from all over to watch these violent and exciting games!

Rollerball was once a backyard GMOD game made with a few props, and some suicidal penguins, now brought to life by the power of source developers who wanted to make the little gamemode that could, hit the big time. And now those hopes will be realized.

The TPOB group hopes to host official rollerball servers by May 18th 2010, but are having severe difficulties doing so (see below for more info)

-Team player respawns
-Fully functioning scoreboard
-Camera/monitor system
-Controller board
-Various hazards
-Loser Insurance
-Improvised AI
-An audience

The Teams

Players are divided into 2 teams. Each player is given a color, and a gravity gun with which to pick up and throw the many stuff that will be placed on the field. There’s a maximum of 6 players per team, and the game will not start if there’s an odd number of players. Any player that is killed on the field will start in his respective locker room. Players cannot enter an opposing teams locker room on penalty of death.

The controller

The controller is the player who controls what happens on the field. The controller has access to two panels. Battlefield control, and camera control. Camera control allows the game to be displayed from multiple angles on the monitors on the stage, while battlefield control allows for the creation of many objects, and the activation of many hazards to make it more difficult for players to score points. An automated controller will take control of the field if a human controller is not provided beforehand.

Playing the game
To score a point, a player must get the rollerball into the goal of the opposing team (red team scores at blue light, blue team scores at red light). If the rollerball is destroyed, it is redeployed on the field. Teams have 10 minutes to score the most points in the enemy’s goal. The team that has the most points by the end of the game wins. The controller will provide multiple items and hazards on the field that will hinder both teams, but can be taken advantage of by teams who know what they are doing.


16 crates are deployed from the underground chambers scattered across the field. Crates can be used by players to launch at other players to stun them or kill them.


similar to the way crates are deployed, except that explosive barrels are deployed instead

Fire vents

2 rows of fire will block off parts of the field, cutting players off. It is not advised to walk through these fields, and is better suggested to pass the rollerball to players already trapped over there.


8 lasers will activate, and cut players off. Players can crouch beneath them, or stack props to jump over them

Fog Machine

The arena fogs up, and becomes difficult to see where you are, or what’s coming for your head

Kamikaze headcrabs

These headcrabs are digesting a volotaile substance, and explode violently on death, or after a certain amount of time


Manhacks deploy from the field borders to seek targets. They can be used as a constant damage weapon by players


Exclusive to rollerball matches, Drophyds are designed to hinder both teams by firing a high velocity explosive ordinance at nearby targets. Those who are unaware of a drophyd’s presence are risking an explosive fate.

False rollerballs

the rollerball is destroyed, and 3 extra rollerballs are deployed on the field at the same time as the real rollerball. If a false rollerball is made into a goal, the goal will temporarily shut down and the team will be unable to score a point in that goal.

Loser insurance
If a team is doing terribly, and the other team has more than 5 points, perimeter defenses will activate around the losing teams goal, and make it substantially more difficult for the opposite team to score a goal. If the losing team is only down by 2 points, than the defenses deactivate

What’s to come
-A punishment system for unruly controllers, and unfair teams
-a rejoin system if a player is to lose connection during play
-something else I forget

-The Author, and original creator = Delta Zero
-Map by Hexpunk + Jallen
-Map logistics by Saber
-Your host - Profanwolf

The Drophyd
-model + rigging by broodrooster
-UVing by Don. Banane
Animating and AI by Saber

I would like to give a special thanks to Profanwolf for being so patient with my development of this gamemode, and for not giving up on me in the process.
But we are still in a bit of a jam…

The problem
Any client that attempted to join our server got this error:
Map [map name] differs from server

What we have tried:
-The maps are identical clientside, and serverside. we have ran an MD5 checksum to be sure of it.
-We have changed from pakratting the resources to using a .res file. multiple checks were made to be sure all files were embedded, yet neither choices worked
-Manifest scripts were created to cache sounds and particle files, and were made read-only so they are not overriden by the game. We were suspicious about this being the problem, but removing both files gave us the same issue
-We also made sure this isn’t a router or modem problem (supposedly)
Any help would be appreciated, PM me, or Profanwolf with any solutions, and if they work, we’ll be sure to reward you handsomely.

Best regards

The Rollerball team

That looks like a pretty cool gamemode. Mapping is decent, looks like a lot of fun. If those Drophyds had animations and actually moved around that’d be sweet. Give me a heads up when you’ve fixed your map problem so I can try it out.

How well does the AI perform?

Feels kind of pissy, when we were supposed to have two servers running today, we run into this, we need all help we can get.


and yes we know we need to work on our mapping and texturing.

I am hoping to do a bit more texture work on the stadium, especially the main wall as they are still in dev texturing.

If the server ever gets working, it will be the first time I have seen the map in actual use. I hope it works as good as it looked.

Trust me, you’ll be impressed. I’ll get a video on the drophyds sometime this week.

I’ll fix that ugly logo for ya :v:

Good god thank you.

Like y/n?

Ohh, that looks pretty cool actually.