rollercoaster gamemode or miniature train gamemode?

can someone make one of these gamemodes? please

hai guise I have a picture, make it a gamemode kthx lol

ohai i r 11 and im a big boy naw can some1 pl0x code ma miniatrue trainnn gamewmode pl0x!!!111

I think it’s a fun idea and atleast it’s original.

PHX3 to the rescueeeeee! if you want to build a rollercoaster with friends and ride together just build one.

Oh dear, more originality I see.

I hope someone’s intrigued by the idea and gives it a go. would you help, Masterscorp? What can you offer, that might attract more interest.

you know, I’m just going to leave a slight sugestion to it, I havn;t tried gmod lua yet so I cant even begin to try to make this, but what if its a gamemode like sid meier’s railroads? might be a good fretta game also

Couldn’t you just do this with a map, instead of an entire gamemode?

It is a fun idea, but hard to notice when it’s presented by someone that has a history of only requesting gamemodes. Not to mention it’s not like he even made effort to properly request something. He just put pictures up and excepted someone to just magically make a theme park gamemode.

Looks fun. I’d play it.

Yeah, I’d like to see this too.

Thread name makes me think like “is this poll or what ?”

It’s a start.

As you can see, it doesn’t match up in the slightest bit.

All hope is lost

Fuck this, I’m gonna use PHX models.

If a mod wants to play it then so do I!

Someone needs to make a lua system that can make building roller coasters really simple and easy (Think Roller Coaster Tycoon, but with lua)

I worked on something like that once. Turned out crappy :confused: but probably people could do better then me.

Just take stacker and add a few lines and GUI interface. :\

I’m going to try to do this. Not now, though.