Roman Bellic
Roman fully ported from GTAIV. Only problem is there is no faceposing

Oh please tell me H4lf, is this rigged to the HL2 skeleton?

Sure is


FUCK why can’t I be on my PC now

dude i have known your pain for over a month now…

Hands don’t match normal skin color.

He used Breen’s hands from what I can see in the materials folder


Good port.


Aww no faceposing? Whatever, very nice to have this


The fuck did you do to his legs


In fact, you used the wrong legs and feet for the model. :v:

So the rigging isn’t perfect. You’re one to talk :v:

It’s good, quit nitpicking.

It looks like he got his feet chopped off…

ya i gotta fix the hands and feet

It’ll look awesome after that. Why can’t you use the originals?

well i will use the original feet but i use breen hands so it will have finger posing

You might want to use a material sample from his original hands to texture them so they’ll look correct.