Roman Legion

High Quality

Good shit man.

“big resolution” does not equal “high quality”

what’s up with that weird as balls ambient occlusion?

png has a slightly better quality than jpg so technically it is “high quality”
resolution is the same on both pics though

This looks really neat! Where’s that castle tower from the back from?

I think in some places the ambient occlusion works while in others, like the soldiers lined up, not that much, keep playing with the SFM settings. The pose on the guy on the horse is very well made and the colors are great as well.

the castle is from your pack. hehe

and that’s gmod btw

is that Nvidia AO? you really shouldn’t use it. see how dark it looks through all the blue haze - that’s because the effect doesn’t understand transparency and is equally strong everywhere. it ruins all in-game smoke and fog effects.

i applied it only where i needed it. i was just experimenting with it and it seems like i made it too strong

Wait wtf, fooled me pretty well that it’s not SFM. Tell me two things

How’d you do the bokeh blur?

How’d you do the soft shadows?

2.ughh just a soft lamp, i removed the grain in photoshop

Ooooh what models are those?

I think the armor is from Ryse:Son of Rome, I’m probably wrong about that though.

these are Ryse:Son of Rome models ported by ComradIvan