Roman RP ?

ummmm well yeah ive got an awesome idea for a gamemode called Roman RP it would be something like Dark Rp except its ancient Rome (or Egypt) and if someone could also make a map for the gamemode that would be awesome

Well we need more detail.

If this is an idea, we need alot more info!

If your making this, tell us what you want from us, what your doing.

Other than that this looks like you can edit darkrp, it’s not hard.

I can map but I’m not going to, there is no point in this

you know nothing about lua or mapping


God, what is it with people and RPs these days?

My post is not anything to do with lua.

And I can map, so fuck you.


You seem to act like you are the kind of RP Modder’s in your first post.
Sort of annoying, don’t tell him what to do.

“It’s not hard” Says you, but what about for him?

“I can map, but I am not going to, there is no point in this” You are advertising your skills and then saying he can’t have them.
That is pathetic.
If you aren’t gonna help him, don’t post at all and atleast not look down at his project.

And you rage rage RAGE RAGEE!!!

“My post is not anything to do with lua.”
Should be
“My post has nothing to do with Lua.”

I expect rage now, go on.


i lol’d

Also, i liked the ideia, i was planning to make something similar im currently learning lua (i had already made a sql saving system and few functions for money[2 times -.-], also a little of the job system) but im kinda lazy, and mapping isnt the most dificult thing in the world, i think it a quite easy after you learn to make blocks and the use of tools, then optimization ;D
check the mapping section and the gmod lua tutorials and you will get it easy, there you should find some tutorials.
also the most dificult thing in lua in my opnion is the syntax and the “think about how to do this” of all the proggraming languages ;D the functions you can find easily and they will make your life’s better.

PS: also if someone could help me ScrW() ScrH() and Derma function i would be happy ;D

We cannot help him until we get more info!

actualy if you think about it.
Old Ages, Roma, Egypt RP, google it.
see how was life, the old systems and bla etc.

that’s what he’s probably looking for

also looks a fun rp gamemode if it is what im think of it could be :smiley:

Well that’s what Roman life is like, so what?
This is a gamemode not real life so it will be different!
And he needs to tell us a reason for posting

Well done.

anyway I would like swords and bows and SPARTANS. put that in.


For a decent RP gamemode, you want it to act like real life and have more depth to it with events and stuff. If he wants a Roman RP, it will be best for him to start from scratch and make an entirely new RP and not to just edit DarkRP, because it is horrible.
If he wants it done fast, use DarkRP for bad results, if he wants a good result, code it all from scratch, get a mapping team together to make a Roman-style map.

Jobs like: Slaves, farmers, shopkeeping/merchants, gladiators, military/guards, emperor, medicine/alchemists.

And then have in-game events: civil wars, gladiatorial games, etc.

It’s pretty sad when the first thing that came into my mind after reading the thread title was

Or you can ignore this post and not flame him at all. You will soon realize that “idea man” posts should be ignored because it’s lazy and they should forming a team with sufficient work to show.

Don’t post for facepunch dumb

I love your idea of roman RP and don’t know why these people are fighting over it. Anyway, if i could map i would do this for you but unfortunately i can’t, but can i suggest a castle seige map? Maybe two teams, each with there own castle and seige equipment, or perhaps Rome in peace time, with a map based on Italy or Sicily, with several roman camps on the outskirts of a large Roman city. And what classes (or jobs) would there be if you were to make this, perhaps a soldier and Centurion with their own models, blacksmiths, 1 King, labourers who collect wood and ore, and craftsmen who use those materials for furniture and wooden weapons. Anyway, i hope my hints and tips are useful and i also hope that these people will stop argueing and support your idea as i do.

When you are caught by the military or the emperor you would became a slave and work for a long time

man, im liking this ideia. it would be fun ;D

if i find a good lua coder to give me help because i have just started(only know few things, but i already got how to make a mysql saving ;D )

It’s like crack except it’s not good for you and only idiots get addicted.


anyway, I would like Spartans, there were in Italy, and was like raving around.