Romance of Winter

I made this a while ago, but I had kinda forgotten the Screenshots & Movies section even existed, so here we go :v:

In hindsight, the pose is a bit awkward for the Scout (I would say it’s the position of the pelvis, mostly), and I’m kinda bummed that I overlooked the fact that I had different phong/rimlight settings on the red/blu VMTs, but I’m mostly happy with it :smiley:

1920x1080 versions: BLU, RED, neutral

And also a timelapse video of me making this if you’re curious

delicious incest

whoa i didnt know there was a way to parent the lighting of models by an object (23:20)

canonically speaking, they’re not of the same family :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got more tips and tricks like that over here if you like reading (the pages are a bit outdated though right now, especially this one)

Posers are sophisticated these days

Just discovered your work (YT videos, etc) and gotta say, you’re awesome and very pro.

Keep doing the good work, really enjoy your posing/animations

And while doing all that you didn’t notice how awkwardly bent his arm looks?

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But respect to your model software skills.

I miss the frying pan.
In all seriousness though, lovely pic.

What in the…

On-topic, this was very nice. Artistic for you, sir.

Because using the physgun is soooo last year.

woah 30 mins just to do a pose

So this is where all the guests went last night…

That’s how long it normally takes for me to make a good quality pose.

Max is like a goddamn speed machine considering how long stuff like this normally takes.

Except this is at least double speed and thus it took 1+ hour.


She looks like a cheeky bastard.

That said, any chance of you throwing some of the commends you used in the console out? They’re kinda hard to read.
The only one I sort of know is prop_dynamic_create >>setanimation. Though that messes up eyes and faces.
The parenting would be cool as well.

Can we get some more christma themed pics?

damn cheater.

Looks good though

I believe its because prop_dynamic does not use face flexing, however that is useful for some things like for simple animated props, or things without flexes. For example I used to use the pyro model as a prop_dynamic and it worked fine.

As for commands, you can use these:
Select tool “NPC Control” “Actor spawner”
enter in console:
npc_actorspawner_actortospawn pathofmodel+extension
For example: npc_actor_spawner_actortospawn models/infected/boomer.mdl
Use the gun to spawn the model.

Look at it and put in:
ent_setname actor* or whatever name you want
Then to play the scene put in or bind to a key or cfg:
ent_fire actor setexpressionoverride scenes/nameofscene.vcd

And your scene will play. Don’t forget to include scenes.image and any custom wav files you used in faceposer or it will not work!

Parenting is set by
ent_fire actor setparent name of ent to parent to
and if you need it to be placed on an attachment:
ent_fire actor setparentattachment attachmentname (check attachment names in HLMV)

What program is that?

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I would do some better poses with this than with the physgun.

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Wait, is that Source SDK?