[ROMANIAN LANGUAGE] Care vrea sa faca un TEAM UP ?

**Who want to team up ( more friends ) add me on skype.

Add me on skype : midomdevil

We talk there . **

(User was banned for this post ("missed the chat thread, this is an english forum" - postal))

English forum.

Sorry =)

You’re hilarious.

Maybe you should not make any more new threads for a little while, too, until you learn how this place works a bit better. Just a suggestion.

You`re right . Im out for a little while :smiley:

A little while? How about you go forever and never show your face around here again?

Come back when you hit puberty. Or better never and make sure your spawn also doesn’t come anywhere near keyboards.

And also I’d like everyone to go on ‘his Facebook page’ to see what is he up to. Sad^2. Report as scam.