THIS MAP WAS NOT MADE BY ME. I’m simply re-uploading it because of how hard it is to find.


This map was created by Nat Carmichael as an entry in the 2006 mapping competition. It was intended to be part of a source mod called “Kearn Manor”. The mod was never finished and this map pretty much became a pain in the ass to try to find.

After looking for this map for a few years I was finally able to find it again on a Russian Counter-Strike site. I’m re-uploading because, quite frankly, this is a great map and it doesn’t deserve to just sit on some random unseen section of the internet. It should be shared so that everyone can enjoy it!

The map is based off a real-world location: the Roman Pool in Hearst Castle, in Southern California.

This map is amazing. I didn’t know it existed either so thanks for re uploading it.
There are a few silly props that don’t really fit in like wall heaters and those benches.
Still really beautiful though.

The benches and the heater are accurate to the actual location, I think. I’ve only been to Hearst Castle once and I don’t think I got to see the Roman Pool, so I can’t say for certain…

Hmm. After walking around the map more I think they’re okay.
Here are some pictures from google. I went to Hearst Castle too before but I don’t remember anything.

Huh. I don’t see the benches. Though honestly I wouldn’t be surprised seeing them there, they don’t seem out of place at all there.

I kind of wish the mapper had been able to get those sweet roman statues in, though. Oh well.

Holy crap, this was the first map I ever loaded into gmod.

Ah yes, map nostalgia. Good times.