Romual's shitart, or "How about some new pics?"

Some of my latest pics =3


Some of these are indeed quite nice!

Too bad I have a 1920x1080 monitor, as pretty much all of these could have been sweet wallpapers.

I am astounded by your talent!

I got 1280 x 1024 max, so I can only make some panoramas, but thats quite hard and accurate job =3

Isolation errors all over the place, but the seventh one is actually quite neat.

I’m personally not a massive fan of the greenscreens, since it’s far too obvious what’s game art and what’s a photo. The pictures just don’t hold together.

Really great Pics!

the 1st one is the best of your collection, all of the elements actually blend in perfectly
2nd one is terrifyingly poor, lighting just doesnt blend in properly with the characters and using blurry images for greenscreen effects arent a good idea, it ruins the whole effect since your gmod images are in better quality than the blurry image you would cut them into

the 5th one with the gasmask guy, to me, is the 2nd best of your collection, like the 1st everything just fits properly and has a great angle and feel to it

that tf2 pic has a nice lighting (i think), but its incredibly difficult to tell what is actually going on in that pic, is there a spy about to ambush a scout or something? some lighting needs to bounce off slightly to give the spy a better silhouette (i assume hes in there, because what i think i see is a floating knife)

as for the 7th pic (soldiers preparing for battle at sea or something), the abuse of contrast kind of kills what would have been the 3rd best of your collection, its just too much

for that scenebuild pic you did, i really like the idea but the lack of fog, clouds surrounding the area and the floating train tracks behind them kills it somewhat since some parts are important to have the bridge yet some are just floating tracks without needing support, and some of them guys do look poorly posed (specifically the newspaper guy)

the last one im trying so hard to like, but the poor shading effect done on the guy just ruins it for me, it rather looks like the tf2 character cell shading instead

in general, i think your work can be incredible as some of the 2 pics i liked seem to show just how well you can really do

You’re right at all and as for scout - it’s about russian game Metro 2033. I just like atmosphere in it and the scout is trying to find something useful of engis body. No spys around =D

May I ask where you got that M4 Model. My favourite one of the pictures would probably be the one with the gasmask Ruskie in it by the way…

It’s Medal Of Honor pack. I don’t realy remember where I did get it from(

You have talent and quality working.