How to make a roof? Its really hard, help? Clipping tool is hard to use, is that what i use?man i should just make on0e big thread for all my hammer problems,the threads are piling up…

Are… are you serious? I seriously cannot tell whether or not you are being serious.

Make a flat, oblong brush. Clip it into two pieces lengthways. Select the vertex manipulation tool, Drag the middles of these two blocks upward. BAM, instant roof.

I am. i need a slanted roof for a barn and i dont know how t odo it. I cant brush it… vertex manipluation tool???

you place blocks with the block tool in a manner so it looks like a roof.

Thats not slanted. GTFO troll.

Wouldnt it be create two blocks, Move it above the barn and rotate it?

I’m trying to help you. Calling me a troll is not a good idea.

Op is either a troll, or a kid with pride.

your time is wasted coolcorky

I wouldn’t call it pride exactly.

Not you Corky, St33m

with all respect dude, maybe you should make somehting more basic than what you are currently doing.

when you optain a good feeling of brushwork you can make anything, hell, i noobed around with hammer for years before i went official with it.

I’m gonna be nice here:

**Step 1: Draw a flat-ish block, preferably a cuboid.

Step 2: Select the Clip tool and drag a line along down the middle of the brush, lengthways as shown. You may need to click the clip tool a few times for the brush to appear white on both sides of the line.

Step 3: You should now have 2 separate blocks.

Step 4: Select both your brushes, and select the vertex manipulation tool.

Step 5: Drag up the middle points of the two blocks, until you end up with a shape that looks somewhat like the image in the bottom-right viewport.

Step 6: Drag the bottom two points up by the same amount.

Step 7: Your gabled roof is now complete and you now know how to correctly use the vertex manipulation tool to create slanted brushes. Go you.


2nd step doesn’t work, clips one side the ewhole off

Jesus. Click the tool again.

:ughh: emote should have never been removed.

Keeps clicking the icon for the clip tool until both sides of the brush turn white, instead of one being red and the other white.

The red side is the side that gets removed.

edit: fuck you ninja

oh…what About step 4? I cant select both with vertex,only one.



hold ctrl+ click to select multiple.