Rooftop Brawl

So I figured I’d make a thread for the fact that there’s a lesser chance of C&C (*Besides *the pallettes and cardboard boxes) if you post it in the “Want to post a picture but don’t want to make a thread” Thread.[/t]

Click for full size, it’s a very large image.

Map is apllemarket, based off of Megaman 64’s Main Hub.

Also that wet shader is G’MIC’s Relief Shader.

And here’s the other versions

No filter rape

No editing

[SP]On another note, I can’t seem to find any good (possibly free) ZBrush cartoon human modeling tutorials. And yes I do realize ZBrush is meant for realism.[/SP]

And here are the [old] bounuses that I already posted in the ahem W.t.p.a.p.b.d.w.t.m.a.t.t.v.4.M.R.I.B but didn’t really get any C&C


And on that note, C&C please (besides the clipping on Mario’s cap, Tails’s fingers, Mario’s lack of faceposing, Waluigi, Sonic, Tails, and Teisel’s lack of finger posing (Teisel’s case in no meaningful finger posing), and WFT’s deformed foot.

Didn’t know there was an Edward Elric model…