Rookie US Soldier seperated from his sqaudron

Inb4 wasted space. It’s meant to be like that.

c&c please, this is my first non personal skin related pose.

I’d probably add some depth of field to the picture.

Why is it supposed to be empty ?
Wallpaper ?

Wow, so much wasted space. I don’t care “that it’s meant to look like that”, it looks bad.

I agreed, the pose is good, but its… kinda


Yes, it was originally designed as a wallpaper. There was a picture before, but i forgot where I saved it.

Well, infact, it is 100% better than my poses. Except that without DOF, I cant say exactly that.

I would redo it, but I need some sleep, I probably couldn’t do that pose again whilst tired.

Broken neck.

if you cant turn your head 90 degrees you should try losing some weight

Not that great. The posing is pretty good but it looks like he’s floating a bit off the ground (offscreen, but it still looks that way to me). It’s also very empty and that makes it very boring.

It’s meant to be empty.

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I agree with Zeraxify, it doesn’t really matter.

would be cool if it was night and raining

juss sayin…

Actually, I was going to put rain on. But i thought nah.

what is he airforce

Herp I don’t know.