"...Room clear?" "Um.. Yea, Clear." - Two NBC guys are breaching.



NBC? As in,the news channel?

Jesus. What a grim future.

The soldiers look out of place, the lighting doesn’t make them blend in with everything very well.

make a video tutorial {How to edit images} hsaushaushaush

nice man :wink:

Nuclear, Biological and Chemical weapons unit.



You should use the killing floor survivors instead.

Nah, they’re not very detailed.

Models aint best, like other homies told on this chat… Use dem gaming models, day got the uper edge because day actual professionals. Dose models look kinda plan, but trust- home. I like everything else, just keep dem models at better.

Hun… What? You know that you dont need to type like you talk, right? Just use good old English that you have learned from school.
And by the way, I’m not even a native speaker.

To the OP:
I like the idea… needs some work to make the lightning better. Anyways keep it up.

sorry, bro. i usually talk like my boys. day are real fine homesters that express feelin at farr level.

Don’t need to say sorry, it’s really not your fault.

I did think this would be a hilarious original humour picture about two news anchors cleaning a room.

Oh well.