Roommates can't connect to game I'm hosting

So I recently went through the steps of port forwarding to allow my friends to play on a game I have created in Garry’s Mod. It worked (mostly), where my friends who aren’t on my network can join the game but my roommates who are on the same network can’t. I am trying to have it so that anyone, roommate or not, can join my game. Any ideas?

[Fixed] so apparently anyone on my network has to connect through the LAN tab in the server browser. I haven’t tried to have someone not on the network connect while I have my roommates connected so there is still some testing to do but so far it works!

Your router probably doesn’t support NAT reflection. Just make anyone within your network join you using your local IP (the 192.168.* one).

Is there no way to fix it so that they can just join the way someone not on the network could? like accept an invite I sent them?

and how do you join by IP address?

open console


connect ip address

You could also try the lan tab in the server browser

So connecting through internal ip via console command didn’t work…

but connecting through the LAN browser did!! Thank you SO MUCH!