Rope Exploit Tutorial & Fix

This exploit is barely as impressive or irritating, well maybe slightly irritating.

1. Get out your toolgun and select rope

2. Open console and input:
“rope_material” “pp/texturize”

Then click 2 places with your rope and you will receive the following result: (Sorry its huge, resizing it was to much of a bother.)

To fix this on DarkRP goto Falco’s prop protection and disable rope, or make/find an addon that disallows rope mat’s unless they are from a certain blacklist/whitelist.

I may if people need, create a way to filter this,
Im not a pro lua coder.*

ur kidding me right??? there are so many diff ropes that are sexy and u want 2 remove one??? hmph

Just make a whitelist of rope materials. Easy fix

I’d rather you not disable me :frowning:

But what if we want to…:weeb:

Then I’ll be around your neck soon.

You left this on a cliff hanger…