ROPE...for hostages.

grrrr im still looking for a few models for a comic me and my brother are undertaking.

mainly props that can be re-sized to fit different models…mianly hostage models.

first up some rope like this…
(note to anyone else…never type “tied up” into google…you get some crazy shit haha)

just something that you can resize or maybe 2 or 3 different sized ropes to fit different areas of the body.

ie. legs, waist, chest, arms.

is anyone up for it, im pretty desperate now as i really cant continue this comic thing without these props.

model two (this is far less important but alot easier i would imagine)

a dog cage like this

maybe with less bars, but slighty thicker bars.

What are you going to do with those models? :aaaaa:

lol, well the dog cage is for a dog, not some crazy slave shit haha.

and the rope is so my hostages actually look like they cant escape and are actually in peril. i hate how in films and tv etc 9 times out fo 10 then get just wait for a guard to fall asleep and run out the back door. lol