Rope Gun SWEP


Since i totally suck at Lua, i would like to suggest a SWEP!
The Rope Gun!
Description: A Crossbow that shoots a small prop like a can or something. when the prop hits something, it creates a rope at the hit position that is constrainted to the prop itself. then it bounces off the hit position and hits anothe position where its going to delete itself, constraints the rope end to the hit position and adds an extra rope lenght that is around -30. thats it.
i hope someone can do that for me!


…So a rope tool? We already have that. Check the ‘Constraints’ Tab in the toolmenu.

no, not a rope tool, a swep that shoots out a small prop and creates a rope at the hit position and so on… just read my post!!!

I did. You’re asking for a rope tool that doesn’t let you pick where you want the rope to be.

So basically. A waste of PC/MAC disk space! THATS GENIUS!

well, yeah. but it would be really cool!

This would only be cool if the rope was climbable.

or if it emmits sex

i Think he means that when you shoot the prop it creates a rope attached to that certain player and it also connects to a prop and that prop gets pulled towards him at a high speed :downs:

Nice good luck.