Rorsachs dropping Watchman pin off building.


Also- due to genericness, i made this

Even more generic goodness!

All you did was stand a generic male_02 up and stuck his arm straight out. The lack of face posing on the woman is fail. The lack of finger posing is apparent.

Not the main pic, read the snip, Faceposing is on the women, eyes widened, mouth dropped, male is finger posed, women is not, i decided to keep her fingers slight spread out instead of clusterfucked together.

Oh, her face looks blank… Do you have jpeg_quality 100 on? Her face looks pixelated.

I see a blank face and a stiff as a board guy with a gun.

"This is a stick up… my butt"

Sitcom laughter

I’ll have to double check. Also- sorry for snapping, kinda tired. Posting the main pic now.

Edit: Qualities still raped D:

The main pic is boring really… not that much to it. Can’t even see what is in the background, if anything.

Yeah. It’s not that dark ingame, i’m thinking photobucket is doing something to it. ( Yes, all graphics are up to max, including AA.)

Dude, you gotta wait until some inkblots are on his face first or use an editing program to put some on.

Your angles are rather bad, they don’t capture anything.

The ink-bots were fully there. Something raped the quality as i said before. Because it did not look like this ingame. And to the person below, i set it up at this angle, so you see the pin, and then him.