Rorschach headhack

I essentially need this head:

Headhacked upon the body of the Rorschach model created by S-Low.

I am fully aware that this is not as simple a request than most would think. I already have decompiled the models, and a short time ago created custom textures for it. These are in the included .rar file, which also contains the QC files for both models.

I do need it somewhat quickly, though.

Credits for the models and textures:

-Rorschch model was created by S-Low.
-New textures for it were created by me.

-The head model was either a) created by Dave Brown, or b) extracted from Insurgency by Dave Brown for use by me on the Taco And Banana Roleplay servers.

-I have also modified the textures for this, and have included them in this.

Try making the title more descriptive next time. :slight_smile:

Whoops. Probably should have thought of that beforehand.

I apologize if this is not aloud, but…


Like I said- I apologize if the in against the rules, but, bump.