Rorschach walking out of an alleyway in the rain being typically moody

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C&C please.

Good edit, though it needs to be more noir-ish. Maybe like a neon sign glowing in the background, or graffiti on the walls, something to increase the atmosphere more.


Rorschach’s journal - 1985 - Walked down another rainy alley today. Got wet AGAIN. Maybe I should take the bus next time.

The pic looks pretty good!

The sun light in the back doesn’t really fit with the rain and dark atmosphere

oh and I do know it’s cs_assault’s natural environment light.

Great lighting effect ; nice rain edit ;
final = Amazing =)

What is he moody about?


I bet someone called him a faggot.

I hate to be Mr. Picky but some little splashes on the ground would be awesome.

I did add some but I mostly erased them cos they looked really crappy. I need more practice. I might go and build on some of the criticism so far tomorrow, so perhaps then there will be more splashes on the ground.

Makes me remember a pic from Angry baker lol but yours looks way better.
The rim light looks a little edgy but the atmosphere and the lights are awesome.

Very nice looking. The lighting is really well done and the rim lighting is excellent. The rain and night edits look great as well. The only thing that annoys me is that his shadow is very dark, and it kinda looks like a big dark void.

Meeting with Veidt left bitter taste in mouth. Called him homosexual. Replied with “NO U!” Felt rejected. Went home. Ate sugar cubes.

This city is afraid of me.

I have an my edit in the “edit my screenshot thread” but my posts auto-merged so its still towards the bottom of the forum.

Whoa, Rorschach is really out of his element here :v:

I thnk his mask stands out a little to much, it’s to white.

Oh the night feeling is Cosy. :smiley:

I have updated the opening post based on criticism from you guys. Thanks for being so helpful!

It’s depressing. Nice edit. I like it.


here it is anyway :cheers:

Chesty’s is still better :buddy: