Rorschach with a crowbar pose.

This is my 3rd edited image with gimp, this is a really old screenshot that I found and edited.


That’s awesome! Reminds me of an old murder mystery movie.

Great job.

His crowbar isn’t really in his hands, but I understand with that model, so good job.

There is a new ragdoll for him that makes him as floppy as a metro cop but the materials for it are missing so his overcoat is the purple and black checkerboard. so I have to stick with this more solid ragdoll.


Isnt that what Watchmen is? hah I just realised that

I mean like the OLD OLD Murder Mystery ones.

I know.

You have earned yourself 10,000 babies.

That man is so powerful he can make a crowbar float!

^^ you know it! :smiley:



the babies are from Zeno Clash

The second reminded me of the CGI intro to Silent Hill.

second pic: NOIR films FTW

It reminds me of the intro to left 4 dead hmmm…