Ro's Grenade (Custom L4D2 weapons)

Bloocobalt’s custom L4D2 weapons pack on the Forage map. This weapon reminds me of the final fight scene in Terminator 2.
She is Demowoman, sort of. Should have given her an eye patch:keke:

I also want to add a bonus

your pictures need more color

Perhaps. Fresh use of colors can be good, but I am afraid poses such as this comes out as to cartoony if to much color is applied.

ehh you need the right balance and it’ll look good, play around with some stuff in your spare time.

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I agree with Enhanced, they are a little bland in the color department.
Too many neutrals, not enough cools or warms.
Also is the Zoey ninja a model or is it some sexy inflator work?

Inflator work.

Well done.

I like posing and angle of Rochelle. Face expression show that she plan to blow something.
Also lovely bonus!!

Nice job =)



that grenade looks stupid. rochelle looks awful. the background isn’t very interesting.

Now look at the picture again.

Your picture gets so many posts, me is jealousry.

I don’t get that many. Only thread in recent I had that made it to page two was the semi nude Harley Quinn thread. And most of the posts where not about the picture at all.

No, he’s right, it looks stupid. The model is fine but the skin is fucking unbelievably bad. Notice on your photo how the brass isn’t just one solidly coloured thing all the way up to the grenade itself with no detail like on the skin? Yeah.

Also, “GRENADE”? Shit dude, if something’s going to have what it is written on it, it’ll have details. GRENADE, HAND, whatever. GRENADE, SMOKE, RED. Lot numbers, proofings, manufacturing marks. I know most people don’t give a shit if their 40mm looks like a dildo or not, but small stuff like that can make or break a picture.

You give good criticism Ross. but at this juncture I have do differ with your opinion. It is the fucking grenade from the L4D2 game. I have nor the will or the desire to change the fucking labels on the damn thing.
Bloocobalt did a good job on those models.

Rochelle must be the Demoman’s daughter

She can blow me anyday.

I did try to use the demo hat, but when I resized it, it became invisible.

Yeah I figured it was the default grenade, but when the game leaves shit like that out, I always do my best to unfuck it. Sure it takes time and effort, but the whole picture looks a lot better for it.