Rosario+Vampire ragdoll request

Yo. A lot of people that I have met before are very interested on this show. I said to myself “let me see it for myself”. I watch all of the episode and I thought it was interesting. than I had an idea that what if someone can make ragdolls of all of the major characters from the show. iT would be funny to see one of them drive a gmod car and what not. ill give you some pictures for references.

Hope this is enough reference. if you need more ill get more

Hot. Doubt it’s possible, unless we find a doujin game or any good source with a 3D model. Modeling anime characters from scratch is not very much of an easy task.

Maybe but someone how loves the show can prolly step in and volunteer. or make a model team

I have a feeling that this is a bad idea…

what makes you say that

How do 2d drawings translate into 3d models?

well if you had a character sheet, then you can make it 3D

I have a thing for striped high thigh stockings, so I might make one of them; don’t expect an anime face, however.

not gonna happen

not only is is the 2d translation improbable, no one wants to go through the effort to make a model to satisfy your weeaboo/animuu lust

sorry dude

Yes because I’m sure driving a car is ALL they would be doing if they were available in gmod.

im guessing you are just a lazy ass

First unwritten rule of Facepunch:

You aren’t allowed to like Anime, Vocaloid, JRPGs, Touhou, Japan, or Japanese people.
To be honest, that unwritten rule is just a bunch of bullshit imho.

Anyways, though i’ve never read that manga, I would say that such ragdolls would certainly be interesting.

You’ve got it all wrong, n00b. It’s about the differences between America and Japan:

US- tough men shooting enemies with guns
Japan- kids flying around, singing, and shooting colorful energy balls at each other; effeminate men; hideous, deformed faces

Oh damn i’d like to see a mizore model, but more like a re-skin because well… anime in source looks so fucking hideous.

Its actually not that hard on making the ragdolls.

Yeah, modelling 3D stuff is totally not hard :downs:

I wonder how are they gonna look without the anime faces…

Then why don’t you make it yourself than?

Anime doesn’t translate into 3d without the use of heavy amounts of cell shading and even then it looks terrifying.

There are very few good anime models for the Source engine. The only ones I can think of that actually worked are Canti from FLCL (because he’s a robot) and maybe mariokart64n’s Eureka from Erueka 7.

That being said, there isn’t really an actual use for these models. Oh sure, they wouldn’t be hurting anything, and, as you could probably tell, I would download them myself. However, I don’t really see people using them for anything other than sexposes or the occasional Moka Kick.