It’s an abstract.

If yoy think it is an actual booty.

I get it! I totally get it!
The blue symbolizes the artist’s depression at the time of creation but the white shows a light at the end of a dark tunnel.
The boot shows how the artist has been kicked around his whole life but has overcome that to become such a great artist.
The pick shows the difficult decision the artist had to make.
Truly a work of art.

I agree! This. Is. Art!

What the…


If you can’t draw you can do “abstract” with few color pens and a piece of black paper.
I guess this is the equivalent with Garry’s Mod.

Oh dear god this.

i love this.

Extremely confused with what’s going on, the posing could use some work and why does she have a shoe on her hand. The random-ass colors do not work at all with eachother. The composition is awful and the action looks like it’s making no sense ( I can’t even imagine what’s going on because the clues you left us are awful). USE REFERENCE! There are some weird things going on like randomly placed objects floating. You should probably take a good look at things before you post them. This is a mess.

You owe me new eyes.