Rotate skybox

Hey, i’ve got another question…
How do i rotate the skybox? The sun on my skybox is on the wrong side, I would like to rotate it 90°.

And I downloaded a custom skybox that was for Counter Strike: Source, but i placed it in ep2\materials\skybox, but it didn’t work. When I start the map it’s just white.
Is that because it doesn’t work with ep2? or do you think I am doing something wrong?

move the env_sun and change the pitch, you don’t even have to mess with the skybox position.

I think the skybox he is trying to use is painted onto the texture.

And why not rotate the level? (Not the best solution I know)

Yeah it’s painted onto the texture.
I’ll try rotating the whole level.

If you’d like to rotate it 90 degrees then just rotate the entire level :slight_smile:

Or open the texture and rename the front as the left, the left as the back, the back as the right, and the right as the front.

's huh?

It’s the simplest solution, ya’ know, if you don’t want to rotate a whole fucking map.

wtf? rotate lvl? are you insane?
Yeah let’s just say I am climbing on ladder. and suddenly a fucking map turns arround. and somehow I am not on ladder anymore but falling already.
Don’t think it’s a good idea.
I don’t think there is way to rotate it.

He means rotate it then compile it

rename the texture, if the texture with the sun is on the skyboxnamelf.vtf, rename skyboxnamert.vtf to skyboxnamelf.vtf and rename the first skyboxnamert.vtf to skyboxnamelf.vtf understood?