Rotate vehicle

Feeling retarded for having to ask.

How does one rotate a vehicle with a driver in it?
vehicle:SetAngles( angle ) only works when there is no driver/passenger, and as soon as the vehicle updates (through collision or new passenger), it jumps back to old angle
vehicle:GetPhysicsObject:SetAngles( angle ) does nothing
vehicle:SetBoneMatrix( modified matrix ) does nothing
vehicle:ManipulateBoneAngles( boneid, angle ) works but messes up local angles of the vehicle (forward is no longer forward, etc).

Just to make sure, I’ve iterated through every bone and physics object, but setangles does nothing on either on any bone or object.

vehicle:SetAngles( angle ) followed by vehicle:Spawn() works, however, doesn’t play nice with passengers.

What am I missing?

Ahat do you mean by passengers?

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I.e driver.