Rotating a tracehull?

Trying to make a melee weapon base (first good one?) but I ran into a problem just now with the weapon hitbox, the tracehull it uses cant be rotated from what I understand. Is there any other alternative to doing this? If not then the only way I could see doing this would be creating multiple tiny tracehulls where each one is located higher up on the blade.

Its not the best but its better than doing a 32x32x32 tracehull in front of player to decide what to hit. :wink:


The engine only supports world-aligned hulls. Alternatively, Ott made an alternative with a bunch of criss-crossing line traces, but it isn’t perfect:

Kind of useful I guess but I feel like my way is more efficient in this case as it allows me to give it an arch. (Which pretty much every close range weapon has)

Your way is a less-accurate approximation, but probably more efficient.