Rotating and moving stuff

Alright so, I’ve owned Gmod for a couple months now, but seeing how I can’t find any standard move and rotate tools normally included in any 3D modeler, I wanted to know, is there actually a way to get such things?


One of the thing I hate the most is trying to rotate objects on the camera-relative X axis, the only way I can do it is by holding E and doing fast circles with my mouse in the opposite direction I want to rotate it to, but it still gives out mediocre results. It would be so much easier (while holding E) if A and D were mapped to the camera-relative X axis, mouse X to the camera-relative Z axis, and mouse Y to the camera-relative Y axis, but afaik both mouse X and A+D and mapped to the Z axis. If you can’t understand what I just said, here is a picture of what it currently is, and here is a picture of what would be ideal.

I tried the Easy Precision STool, but it doesn’t provide what I need. Any ideas?

Deal with it. It’s worked like this for five years, and it’s not about to change.

I’m just asking if there are tricks or tools to actually and move rotate things properly, I’m not here asking for stuff to absolutely be implemented… I mean, searched hundreds of time over the Internet just to find a proper list of all default Gmod keyboard controls (because the options are missing some of them and if they’re there, most names are not representative of what they do) and I have never found one, whether it be on the wiki or anywhere else. Anything related to this seems to be either learned via mouth-to-ear, or self-taught.

In that case, there is the Wenli’s Build Tools addon, you might want to give that a look.